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Regina Mooney has been named vice president and dean of student services at Reed College, effective in June. She will succeed Jim Tederman, who is retiring after nine years at the college.

Mooney previously served as dean of student services at Mount Holyoke College and as associate dean of students at Harvey Mudd College. As an adjunct professor in the humanities at Harvey Mudd, she taught classes in ethics and the philosophy of religion to undergraduates from the five Claremont Colleges. Her experience in strategic planning includes service as director of research and planning at Integrated Food Technologies. She received her B.A. from Southern Connecticut State University, a master of divinity degree and a master of sacred theology degree from Yale University, and a Ph.D. in social ethics from Claremont Graduate School.

"We are delighted that Regina Mooney will be joining us at Reed. She brings both solid experience in student services and a deep understanding of the academic mission of a college such as Reed," said Reed president Steven Koblik. "The college stands to benefit greatly from her strong concern for students and keen sense of social ethics and community."

Mooney has published numerous articles and presented many papers on religion, ethics, and student services; her articles include "Understanding Students of Generation X," Chronicle of Higher Education, July 21, 1993, and "Commanding Paradox: Mysticism, Eroticism, and Violence in Crucifixion Piety," Explorations: The Journal of Adventurous Thought, winter 1991.

A founder member of the Center for Academic Integrity (now housed at Duke University), she has received grants from organizations including the National Science Foundation, the Association for Women in Science, and the Alfred P. Sloane Foundation. She has served as vice president of the western region of the American Academy of Religion and was president of the board of directors of the South Hadley Child Care Association. Mooney has been involved as a volunteer in many community service projects: she traveled to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to build 18 houses for Ojibwe aboriginal families as a member of the Jimmy Carter work project and was local organizer of the Carter project for Habitat for Humanity. While in southern California, Mooney was a licensed mediator and arbitrator for the county of Los Angeles.

"I am so very glad that Reed chose me, because I feel like I chose Reed some time ago," said Mooney. "My life's work has been about assisting students in their efforts to find and construct their most authentic selves. The students at Reed are known for acting and reflecting on the relationship between honor and self while taking responsibility for their academic and other life choices," Mooney added. "In addition, they are committed to a strong community life. It is at the intersection of individual and community life, set in the greater context of such a strong academic enterprise, where some of the most exciting work in higher education lies. I am thrilled to be a part of it at Reed."