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Gary Snyder

“The morning star is not a star…”

Reed College, February 14, 1956

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This poem became "Logging 1.” This recording is essentially the same as the published text, with one exception: Line 3 changes from “Io, etcetera…” in the recorded version to “Io, Io” in the published text. “Io” was a consort of Zeus in Greek myths, told by Ovid and Aeschylus. Snyder also gives some of his sources in asides—“The dance of the Koretes” at Line 3 and “Geza Roheim” as a source for Lines 6-9. Geza Roheim was an influential psychologist and anthropologist in post-WWII years. 

Introductory Remarks to “Groves”
Epigraph: “The wonderful reproductive power of this species…” 
“The morning star is not a star…”
“Pines, under pines…”
“Ray Wells, a big Nisqually, and I…”
“Felix Baran, Hugo Gerlot, Gustav Johnson …”
“Each dawn is clear…”  
“The groves are down, cut down…” 
“Lodgepole cone / seed waits for fire…”

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