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Reed Dancers Score Major Achievement

The Reed College faculty unanimously approved a new major in dance at its November meeting, expanding the fields of study where students can pursue their passions.

“Dance is central to the liberal arts experience,” says Prof. Carla Mann ’81 [dance 1995–]. “It sparks innovation across disciplines through the way it teaches students to interrogate historical, aesthetic, and social issues; to engage kinesthetically with space, time, and movement; to approach solving problems with creativity and rigor; and to pursue productively both individual and collaborative endeavors.”

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Digital Pioneers Help Reed Design CS Program

A formidable array of computing brainpower converged on campus yesterday to help Reed think through a long-awaited computer science program.

The digital elders represented a full spectrum of computing expertise: mathematicians, cryptographers, AI gurus, network wizards, codeslingers, and technology innovators, all focused on a fascinating problem—how Reed can build a computer science program that dovetails with its academic mission.

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Reed Profs Win $2.2M in Grants, Set 10-Year Record

Professors at Reed won a total of $2,251,849 in research grants in fiscal year 2014-15, the highest figure in at least a decade (and possibly longer).

The eleven professors are pursuing a remarkable range of projects from the venom of parasitic wasps, to the compounds of bismuth, to the Moroccan diaspora.

Prof. Suzy Renn [biology 2006-] won a $618,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to investigate a striking example of maternal behavior—voluntary starvation among African cichlid fish. Her research could shed light on the evolution of maternal instincts and deepen our understanding of metabolic and feeding disorders.

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Reed in the News

Bernie Sanders’s claims about his $1 trillion infrastructure plan
Washington Post

Reed Economics Professor Kimberly Clausing helps to fact check Sanders's claims of tax aviation.

David Schiff's 'caffeine,' Kirill Gerstein's piano perk up symphony

Review of Professor David Schiff’s “Infernal," which kicked off the Oregon Symphony's recent pair of concerts, owes its existence to Starbucks.

The Life And Music Of Billy Strayhorn
Oregon Public Radio

McGill Professor Lisa Barg spoke to OPB about Billy Strayhorn while at Reed's conference “Ellington and Strayhorn: A Celebration.”

Reed College bait bike sting uncovers hidden chop shop

Reed College initiated a creative way to combat bike theft on campus. They attached GPS trackers to bicycles, hoping it would lead them to whoever was responsible for the thefts. It worked!

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Ellington and Strayhorn: A Celebration

Presented by Reed College and the International Duke Ellington Study Group Portland Ore (October Read more...

Chris Koski wins Goldschmidt, studies public involvement in policymaking

Portland, Ore (October 8, 2015) – Reed College associate professor of political science Read more...

Mariela Szwarcberg wins Goldschmidt Fellowship to study inequality in Latin America

Portland, Ore (October 8, 2015) -- Reed College assistant professor of political science Mariela Read more...

Reed Joins Coalition of Schools to Change the College Application Process

Writing essays. Submitting transcripts. Marshaling recommendations. Taking the SATs. Figuring out Read more...

Raising Money for Southeast Portland Elementary Schools

Portland, Ore (August 25, 2015)—Lace up your sneakers and join the annual Reed College 5K Read more...

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Reed Dancers Score Major Achievement

The Reed College faculty unanimously approved a new major in dance at its November meeting, Read more...

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