Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Graduate Courses

Sampling of Thesis Projects

"A Plausible Witness:" Helen of Troy and the Problem of Truth and Representation in Early Greek Literature

American Frontiers: Historical and Literary Representations of Gauchos and Cowboys

An Abundance of Deficits (creative writing)

Anti-Immigration Legislation in Alabama: Comparing House Bill 56 to Jim Crow Segregation

Arendt's Empirical Theory of Judgment

Bob Moses's Voter Registration Work and the Algegra Project: Organizing to Create Political and Economic Access for All Citizens

Death and Wellbeing: a Reply to the Epicurean Puzzle

Elevators for Freight and Disabled Only: Making the Case for a Strong Disability Culture in Defining the Disability Experience

Engaging Music: The Ernste Gesänge of Hanns Eisler and How One Cycle Affects Another

False Fathers: Marlen Khutsiev’s Ilich’s Gate and the Myth of Soviet Paternity

Form of One’s Own: A Study of Playwright Maria Irene Fornes Accompanied by an Original Play

From Banned to Celebrated, yet Regulated and Segregated: The Struggles of the Female Footballer

Galileo: His 17th-Century Trials and 20th-Century Rehabilitation

Garcilaso de la Vega’s Incas as Civilizers of the Andes and Quasi-Christians: Defending the Incas through Reason and Natural Law

How Can Feedback Increase Self-Determined Motivation to Keep Writing?

Images of muteness: A reading of Anne Carson's "Nox"

Looking for Homosexuality as “Disease” in Thomas Mann

Magazine as World in Miniature: S.M.S. Makes Visible the Invisible Frames of Perception

Minsky, Behavioral Economics, and the Long Trend

Moral Imagination and Compassionate, Just Attention in Iris Murdoch’s The Good Apprentice

Muslim Nationalism:  Allama Muhammad Iqbal and The Origins of an Ideal

Orphan of the Camus Storm: The Poetics of Bob Kaufman

Planet of the Apes and the Destruction of the Earth: Visions of Post-Apocalypse, Eden, Wasteland, and Wilderness

Plato's Lost Lecture "On the Good." Normative Ethics and Intellectual History

Redeption Songs, Rebel Music: Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, and a History of Reggae as Resistance

Reenvisioning the Marketplace: A Radical Redesign of the Modern Supermarket

Rethinking the Imperial Archive: The Colonial Office Visual Instruction Committee (COVIC) Digitalo Photographic Archive, Powered by Omeka and WordPress

Selfhood and the Problem of Authenticity: the Politics of the Personal in Rousseau's Second Discourse

The Black and Blue Collar Blues: Examining Notions of Labor in Langston Hughes’ Poem Good Morning Revolution

The Cracks Between the Binaries:  Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl as a Work of Iconoclasm

The Domestic Roles of the "Flax Mother of Oregon": Juliette Montague Lord and the Politics of the Oregon Fiber Flax Industry

The Mormon Stories (creative writing)

The Southern Oregon Chautauqua Association:  Building the Foundation of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The Xianglian run se: A Late Ming Beauty Manual

Transgressing the Boundaries: South Seas Hybridity in the Work of Paul Gauguin and Robert Louis Stevenson

Utopia, Allegory, and Palimpsest: Trajectories of Intercultural Exchange in Ursula K. Le Guin's The Word for World is Forest

Virna Haffer: Regional Artist and Photographer

"You've Got to be Carefully Taught": Messages of Tolerance in Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1949 Broadway Musical South Pacific