Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Graduate Courses

MALS Courses Offered in the Past Five Years

Art 530 Art and Life in Renaissance Florence
Art 551 Theories of Visuality
Biology 505 The Biological Legacy of Lewis and Clark
Biology 520 Pacific Northwest Forests
Classics 531 Socrates and Plato
Dance 560 Gender, Form, and Identity in Contemporary Dance
Economics 567 Financial Crises, Market Crashes, and Economic Depressions
English 530 Race and Region: Representing the American South
History 535 American Abolitionism
History 545 The Vietnam War
History 553 The French Revolution, 1770-1800
Liberal Studies 510 The Fifties in the U.S.
Liberal Studies 511 Horror and the Sublime in Russian Culture
Liberal Studies 523 Dante's Divine Comedy
Liberal Studies 524 American Dead and Undead
Liberal Studies 527 Sex, Gender and Political Theory
Liberal Studies 537 Women in the Ancient World
Liberal Studies 548 Sports and Social Life
Liberal Studies 553 Literary and Visual Culture in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Liberal Studies 556 Race and the Immigrant Experience
Liberal Studies 558 Islam in the Modern World
Liberal Studies 563 The Bloomsbury Group
Liberal Studies 570 The Theory and Practice of Globalization
Liberal Studies 571 The American Civil War in History and Memory
Liberal Studies 578 Politics, Culture, and the Great Depression
Liberal Studies 582 Truth and Representation in Early Modern Europe
Liberal Studies 591 Contemporary and Classical Literary Theory
Literature 510 Modern Turkish Literature: East West Trajectories
Literature 528 Late Tolstoy: From Anna Karenina to a Religious Teaching
Literature 532 Leo Tolstoy
Literature 533 Constructions of Jewishness in Cinema
Literature 541 Two Contemporary Dramatists
Literature 547 The Literature of Love
Literature 550 The Unknown Holocaust Cinema
Mathematics 537 The Trials of Galileo
Music 565 Music and Cold War America
Psychology 522 Stereotyping and Prejudice
Psychology 531 Affects and Emotions
Psychology 550 Psychological Perspectives on Art
Theatre 521 "The Mirror Up to Nature": Reading Theatre History
Theatre 547 New Directions in Twentieth-Century Theatre