Lab of Linguistics: People







The Lab of Linguistics (LoL) is inhabited by students, faculty members, and staff members affiliated with the Linguistics Department.

Lab Manager

               Liam image                                                                                     

Liam Käch is a senior linguistics major, and the LoL manager for academic year 2017-2018. He likes needlessly confusing himself over simple things. Here he's seen figuring out how to exit the sound booth. 

All equipment requests and questions should be sent to the Lab Manager, as well as requests to use the lab space for recording or experiments. To pick up or drop off equipment, or just to drop in to ask about the LoL, Liam has lab office hours in Eliot 101D on Mondays (4-6pm) and Wednesdays (3-5pm). If you'd like to reserve the LoL for recording or running an experiment outside of those office hours, please contact Liam directly to set up a time (

Faculty and staff

The faculty and staff who you might see hanging around the LoL include the following:

kara Kara Becker is an associate professor of linguistics. She particularly enjoys taking formant measurements in Praat, especially when you have to adjust the formant settings for each vowel. Here we see her with the LoL's youngest participant. His neck was unfortunately too narrow to strap the electroglottograph on.
Emily Hebbron is the faculty administrative coordinator for the Linguistics Department. She doesn't have a photo in the LoL just yet.
sameer Sameer ud Dowla Khan is an assistant professor of linguistics and Lab Director. As such, he is responsible for overseeing the procurement and maintenance of equipment. He enjoys reading spectrograms and drawing them by hand as secret messages. Here he is demonstrating the movement of the vocal folds during voicing.
Pearson image Matt Pearson is a professor of linguistics.He enjoys listening to recordings of Field Methods consultants and trying to work out if they’re producing a low tone or a downstepped tone. He doesn’t use the equipment in the LoL very much, but he sleeps better at night knowing it’s there. Here we see him proudly standing next to the sound booth.

Research Assistants

Currently, the following students are working as research assistants (RAs) for faculty-led research projects:

Gregor Gregor McGee is a junior linguistics major and research assistant for the Creaky Voice and Gender Identity project. They enjoy surprising themselves by producing a cot-caught distinction in casual speech. Here we see them trying on the ultrasound headset.
ellery Ellery Sloane-Barton is a junior linguistics major and research assistant for the Creaky Voice and Gender Identity project. Although her Mary-marry-merry vowels are disappointingly merged, she spends her solitary moments practicing the vowel differentiation. Here we see her in the sound booth, showcasing a Snowball Microphone and a uvular ejective. 
Caroline.JPG Caroline Wright is a senior linguistics major and research assistant for the study of Perceptions of West Coast English. The question she get asked more often than "How many languages do you speak? is "Are you a Russian major?" So if that doesn't tell you a bit about her language preferences, she doesn't know what will. Her favorite field in linguistics is sociolinguistics, and she  loved working with Kara Becker and Julia Swan. Here we see her showing us her denture, great for all those dental sounds.