Leadership at Reed

Support Leadership

If you love Reed—because you are a student, an alumnus/a, a trustee, a citizen of Portland, a faculty member, a current Reedie, or a friend of the college— you have a role to play in helping current students develop leadership skills. Here are some ways to support student leadership, broken down by audience.

Faculty and Staff

We've heard from graduate programs and employers about the intellectual excellence of our students. We've also heard from graduate programs, employers, Reed faculty, staff, alumni, and other members of the Reed community about the need to provide Reedies with additional opportunities to develop lifelong, practical, interpersonal skills.

Help us by nominating a student for the Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY), facilitating a workshop, finding a leadership advisor, or providing networking opportunities for our students.

Alumni, Donors, and Trustees

What if a student leadership program had been available when you were a student? Would it have shaped you differently? Would it have helped you to develop practical skills and prepare for the world outside the Reed (or college) bubble?

Leadership at Reed starts with the wisdom and expertise of alumni and trustees who have made that transition. We invite you to serve as a leadership advisor to our students, provide networking opportunities, or help us raise funds. We encourage you to give back to the Reed community by donating your time, sharing your experiences, and showing our students the ways that you've found personal and professional success.

We know that Reedies pursue multiple paths after graduation. You can help them begin their journeys with purpose, fully engaged, equipped with a set of lifelong, practical, interpersonal skills that will serve them and their future communities.

Portland Community

Engaging with the Portland community is a critical way to expand leadership and learning opportunities for Reed students.

How can Reedies engage with you and your organization? How can Reedies support the ways that you build community every day? Our focus is on working collaboratively with you to connect our students with leadership and learning opportunities that support your mission and add value to your organization.

If you are a community member interested in supporting the leadership development of Reed College students, we're ready to work with you.

Questions about how you can support leadership programs at Reed? Please e-mail leadership@reed.edu.