Leadership at Reed

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Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY)

Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY) is Reed's year-long, flagship student leadership program. Approximately 20 students - self-selected or nominated by community members for application - are chosen to participate in weekly seminars, leadership advising sessions, and a service project.

Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY) is open to all students: those who are interested in developing their leadership potential, those whose work is done out of the public eye, those who are positional leaders in student organizations and student governance, and those who are involved in other ways at Reed and in the Portland community.

How is leadership defined in RELAY?

Leadership is a process that empowers individuals and groups to engage in critical thought and honorable actions. Leaders actively work toward achieving inclusive, diverse, and dynamic shared visions. 

What is the mission of RELAY?

The mission is to support Reed's core academic mission by promoting responsible action, pluralistic thought and the development of lifelong, practical, interpersonal skills.

Through this program, students will engage in experiential learning, personal reflection, and advising relationships. The program provides participants with opportunities to:

  • articulate and value the principles in which they believe and by which they live;
  • appreciate and honor the potential in themselves and in all people;
  • work toward creating a more respectful, honorable and collaborative campus community among students, faculty, and staff;
  • utilize these skills beyond Reed as they engage in future pursuits.

What is the vision of RELAY?

We envision a community of students who have achieved their full personal and intellectual potential and are the creative leaders of the future. These leaders will be well-rounded and confident individuals who identify, study, address, and resolve important social issues at Reed and beyond.  We aspire to foster students’ development as creative thinkers and deeply humane actors who put to best use their extraordinary intellectual and leadership capacities.

What is the time commitment for RELAY?

Reed Leadership Academy meets every Monday from 4:30–6 p.m. Some weeks will be set aside for meetings with leadership advisors. Additionally, students will plan and implement a service project during the semester. The entire program runs January through December. 

How do I apply to join RELAY?

The application process includes the submission of an application, resume, and participation in an interview. Here is the application timeline:

  • October 6 - application available
  • November 3 - application and resume due by 5pm in the Student Center; please sign up for an interview time in the Student Center when you submit your completed application
  • November 6 & 7 - interviews
  • Week of November 21 - admission decisions
  • December 12 - welcome event

For more information about the Reed Leadership Academy, please e-mail leadership@reed.edu.