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Class-specific resources

Spanish 110: Diego Alonso's course

Puntos de partida, 9th edition textbook audio

Puntos de partida, 9th edition: Laboratory Audio Program
NOTE: The audio files at the links above go along with the most recent edition of Puntos de partida. If you have an older copy of the textbook, you may need to use the links to the files for the 8th edition, below.

Puntos de partida, 9th edition: Telepuntos, Salud2

Puntos de partida, 8th edition textbook audio

Spanish 210: Christian Koll's course, Illiana Alcántar 's course

Online workbook for Pasajes

Spanish 311: Moodle site

You may also find class resources, such as syllabi and assignment-related material, on the Course Materials and Reserves page, on the department website, or on the Courses Server.

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Recommended online dictionaries

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The following software is available in the Instructional Media Center:

  • Atajo (Spell- and grammar-checker); Also available as keyed software on the Academic Software server and as a CD in the IMC (PC4410 .D66 2005 CD-ROM).
  • El Corrector (Spell- and grammar-checker)
  • Dos Mundos (First year text and audio exercises) - PC4129.E5 D67 1998
  • Learn Spanish Now! (Interactive software) - PC4117 .L437 2002 CD-ROM

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Typing help

Windows:   Mac:
Word: Use Word's built-in special characters.   Typing special characters: Easily type special characters
International keyboard: Change your keyboard behavior so you can use special key combinations for special characters.   Keyboard layout setup: Be able to type as if you have a Spanish keyboard.
Keyboard layout setup: Type using a Spanish keyboard.   Keyboard Viewer: View keyboard layouts and copy characters into documents.

On-screen keyboard: See keyboard layouts.


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Language-specific resources

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Literary and cultural resources


Netflix Movies

  • Sin Nombre (2009): A story of the interactions between a Honduran immigrant girl and a Mexcian gang member as they attempt to cross the US border. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • Biutiful: When Uxbal, a man who makes his living working on the black market, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he must find a way to turn his life around. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • Bad Day to Go Fishing: A traveling strongman and his manager arrive in the small town of Santa Moaria, only to realize they have stumbled into a potential trap from which their jobs and friendship may never recover. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • Like Water for Chocolate: Film information here
  • El Secreto de sus Ojos: Film information here
  • También la Lluvia: Film information here

Museums of the Spanish-speaking world

Portland community resources

  • El Hispanic News
  • Voz - Latino immigrant rights organization with many opportunities for volunteers
  • Catholic Charities Oregon - Helps with immigration and legal problems in the community; opportunities for political and volunteer involvement


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