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Class-specific resources

Moodle site for Chinese 110

Moodle site for Chinese 210

Moodle site for Chinese 316

You may also find class resources, such as syllabi and assignment-related material, on the Course Materials and Reserves page, on the department website, or on the Courses Server.

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Recommended online dictionaries

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The following software is available in the Instructional Media Center:

  • Learn Chinese Now! (Interactive software) PL1125.E6 L43 2002 CD-ROM

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Typing help

Install and use an Input Method Editor (IME) to type Chinese characters on your Mac or Windows computer.

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Language-specific resources

  • Pinyin Table - A Chinese Pinyin table with pronunciation sound clips.
  • Character Sheet Generator
  • Pinyin Conversion - This site converts any Chinese text into Pinyin.
  • Ting Flashcard Reader - A Flashcard system that allows you to save words to lists for later testing. A downloadable, offline version is also available. Be sure to read the directions on the webpage; if you'd like to create your own vocabulary lists for study, register for free with Ting Study Center.
  • ChinesePod - 1000 podcasts for Chinese learners at all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students, as well as other Chinese-learning materials. For login information, email Beth Platte or stop by her office (Hauser Library 38).
  • Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System Useful resources for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students: reading and listening practice, as well as comprehensive drills in grammar and vocabulary.
  • SocialMandarin - An online community that collects information for learning Mandarin online.
  • Cojak Hanzi Dictionary - Explanation of the radicals that make up Mandarin chinese characters.
  • Mandarin Tools offers online tools for learning Chinese.
  • Chinese Tools converts Chinese text to HTML format.
  • Arch Chinese offers various tools for practicing vocabulary and character writing.

Recommended Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)

  • Renrena popular Chinese social networking site. There are also links for mobile apps.
  • WeChat - a messaging app with public accounts on a variety of topics. The following public accounts are recommended.
    • Dandu (search dandureading) - contemporary Chinese literature and book recommendations
    • Oriental History Commentary (search ohistory) - articles and book excerpts on the history of the Far East
    • Sijiu Cheng (search sijuicheng2014) - accounts of experiences and current events in Beijing started by university students from Beijing
  • Common Chinese Idioms - Chinese App containing a dictionary of 100 common Chinese Idioms.
  • Nciku Chinese Dictionary - Characters can be drawn on the touch screen, allowing for easy input into the dictionary.
  • Nciku Reader - A free ebook reader that allows the user to download and read books in Chinese with built-in translation.
  • Skritter Chinese - A tool helps you to learn and practice writing Chinese characters. 

Recommended YouTube Channels

  • Medlock Method - Language lessons that focus on useful day to day phrases.
  • A Foreigner's Perspective - A Chinese speaking American explores China. Useful for both language practice and cultural exposure.

Recommended YouTube Movies

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Literary and cultural resources

Newspapers (in the Pollock Reading Room)

  • China Daily (North American edition) = Chung kuo jih pao
  • Ren min ri bao (Hai wai ban) = People's Daily (Shelved as Jen min jih pao (Hai wai pan))
  • Shi jie ri bao = Chinese World
  • Xin min wan bao = Xinmin Evening News (Shelved as Hsin min wan pao)

Online Newspapers and Magazines

Netflix Movies

  • Last Train Home (2009): A documentary chronicling the journey of two Chinese migrant factory workers on their way back home for the Chinese New year. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • Farewell, My Concubine (1993): The story of a decades-long friendship between two opera performers in the Peking Opera. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)
  • Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (Drama, 2002): A love sriangle unfolds between two educated, upper middle class boys and a rural Sichuan girl against the backdrop of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. (researched and summarized by Madison Gordon)



Top 3 Universities (2012)
Top 2 Foreign Language Studies Unversities

Chinese language games

  • Yellowbridge A simple memory matching game. It has preset games specifically for the different integrated Chinese textbooks. 
  • Digital Dialects Multiple choice games for expanding vocabulary. Organized in categories.
  • BBC Languages-Chinese A character learning game. Helps you with the strokes. 

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