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Resources for Grammar

Spanish Language and Culture by Barbara Kuczun

This site provides learning modules which inform Spanish learners about popular poems, songs, cultural events, etc. while focusing on a particular verb tense. The site also provides practice conjugating in any tense by filling in boxes with verbs. This resource is appropriate for beginning and intermediate Spanish learners.

Bowdoin's Spanish Language Practice Page

This resource does a good job in explaining the rules of each Spanish tense, as well as providing exercises for each tense. This site also has a fair collection of Spanish articles accompanied by vocabulary and links to global databases pertaining to Latin America. The resource is appropriate for all levels of Spanish learners.

Resources for Vocabulary

Check out the vocabulary resources on our general resources page for suggestions for learning foreign language vocabulary.

The online language learning resources reviewed on our general resources page also focus on vocabulary.

Resources for Pronunciation and Conversation

Check out the pronunciation resources on the general resources page for more pronunciation help!

Chatting with a native speaker can be a great way to improve your conversational skills. Check out the language exchange options on the general resources page for suggestions on how to meet native speakers.

Resources for Writing


Enter text into SpanishChecker and get suggestions about spelling and grammar back! SpanishChecker separates certain and possible spelling errors and gives suggested fixes. This tool generally does not provide corrections for grammatical errors, but instead gives some information about why the problem was tagged and a link to guides about grammatical topics.