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Recommended Online Spanish Dictionaries

The following online dictionaries are recommended for Spanish learners of all levels.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online 

Oxford provides English-Spanish, Spanish-English, and Spanish language dictionaries with numerous example sentences showing, for instance, different verb forms in context. These dictionaries also include information about and translations of idiomatic phrases. Audio of native-speaker pronunciation is available from both Spain and Latin America. Access is provided through Reed Library.


WordReference provides English-Spanish, Spanish-English, synonym and conjugation dictionaries. The discussion forums are a popular feature of WordReference: they include discussions about usage, idiomatic expressions, etc. with many native-speaker participants. WordReference is also available as a free iOS or Android app.

Diccionario de la lengua española

This is one of a few Spanish dictionaries offered by the Real Academia Española. Users can search for exact words or for dictionary headwords with specific beginnings or endings. This makes it an easy online dictionary to browse and can help with understanding related words.