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Class-specific resources

For Spanish 110:

Puntos de Partida, 9th edition: textbook audio

Puntos de Partida, 9th edition: laboratory audio program

Puntos de Partida, 9th edition: telepuntos, salu2

Community resources

Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the Portland area. These are local resources and organizations that support and promote the Hispanic community in Portland.

El Hispanic News

This bilingual regional newspaper addresses international events as well as local concerns in Portland. Some articles show how the Portland community responds to an international problem. This newspaper aims to inform the Portland public about Latin American concerns, as provide Latinos with a newspaper that is accessible to them.

El Latino de Hoy

This newspaper informs the Spanish-speaking community about local, national, Latin American, and world news. Local news stories are posted every week, and several national and world news stories appear daily.

Portland VOZ

This organization supports day laborers and immigrant workers in Portland. The website provides updated information about the group's initiatives, as well as informing people about how to be involved.

Portland Mercado

This new addition to the Portland community is a market with different food trucks that represent the culinary variety of Latin America. They host monthly events were local Hispanic vendors sell their food.

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Resources compiled with help from Sandra De Anda, Carol Iglesias Otero, and Lucía Fernández Calleja.