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Russian Newspapers and Blogs

Online Newspapers

Аргументы и факты (Argumenty i fakty)

This Moscow-based newspaper centers its coverage on Moscow and Russia. The спецлпоекты section, with well-designed, interactive stories, might be especially interesting to Russian language learners.

Независимая (Nezavisimaia)

This is a daily newspaper based in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has coverage of both international and national news. It presents a different point of view from other Russian language news sources.

Литературная Газета (Literaturnaia Gazeta)

This Russian newspaper focuses on culture, politics, and literature with many long-form articles.

The Village

An attractive, fun news site about Moscow: the people who live there, the places that make the city unique, the things people say on the street. This is an interesting source for both language practice and learning about the city.

Blogs and Online Magazines

Ilya Birman

Ilya Birman's blog about design and culture features videos and photographs that help the intermediate reader follow the sense of the content. He also maintains an English-language blog. Although his Russian and English posts vary in content, his English-languages posts are a good way for beginning students of Russian to access a Russian blog.

Russian Language Blog

This blog about the Russian language is maintained by a paid language learning service. Nevertheless, it offers interesting posts and lessons about Russian that are accessible to a beginning or intermediate student.