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German Language Resources

Resources for Grammar

Dartmouth's Guide to German Grammar

This set of in-depth explanations of German grammatical constructions is well organized, although the website looks outdated. It's a good resource for beginning and intermediate students who benefit from thorough explanations of German grammar in English and who are willing to spend time learning about a specific case/tense/construction. 

Netzverb: Konjugation, Deklination und Flexion deutscher Wörter
Netzverb is a searchable online tool for help with conjugations of German verbs. A search bar at the top of the page allows the user to enter either an infinitive (e.g., “denken”) or a conjugated verb (e.g., “dachte”). The tool produces proper conjugations for all cases (Ich, du, wir, etc.) and all tenses (Past, Subjunctive I, Imperative, etc.). 

Resources for Vocabulary


Sprachnudel is a dictionary of German slang. The words and phrases are helpfully divided into different categories, e.g. by occupation, age, specific German dialect, etc. It's a good resource for intermediate to advanced students interested in colloquial German.

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The online language learning resources reviewed on our general resources page also focus on vocabulary.

Resources for Pronunciation and Conversation

Deutsch für dich

Deutsch für dich is the German language learning program offered by Goethe Institut, a network of German cultural centers. Although Deutsch für dich offers a variety of language learning resources, it's meant to function as a social learning tool, where German learners can participate in forums, find friends, and send messages. It's a good way to meet German language learners around the world and practice conversation. Participation requires a free account.

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Chatting with a native speaker can be a great way to improve your conversational skills. Check out the language exchange options on the general resources page for suggestions on how to meet native speakers.

Resources for Writing


This spelling and grammar checker for German is available online, as a Chrome or Mozilla add-on, or as a download to integrate with LibreOffice. LanguageTool is available in many languages. While the interface displays in English, grammatical explanations are in German, making this a better resource for intermediate and advanced German learners.