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Recommended Online German Dictionaries


WordReference provides English-German and German-English dictionaries. The discussion forums are a popular feature of WordReference: they include discussions about usage, idiomatic expressions, etc. with many native-speaker participants. WordReference is also available as a free iOS or Android app. This is a nice, straightforward dictionary for beginning to advanced learners.


This excellent English-German and German-English dictionary gives not only word translations, but also declension/conjugation charts, a list of derivative words, phrases using the word, and example sentences. The dictionary offers forums for discussion of words and a vocabulary trainer that generates games and spaced repetition flashcards of saved words (this requires a free account). The site itself is in German, so LEO may be easier for students with some knowledge of German to navigate.


BeoLingus is a very thorough dictionary: when you look up a word, it gives not only the German translation, but also an extensive list of words and phrases either containing the original word or somehow related to it. This might be overwhelming when you're looking for a simple translation, but it could be very useful for finding topical words for German composition, for example.