Language Resources

German Audiovisual Resources

Radio and Podcasts


Stream German national radio or subscribe to a variety of podcasts. Deutschlandradio has a few different channels, including Deutschlandfunk, which focuses on news, and Deutschland Kultur, which focuses on arts and culture.

Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is an international German news source, with both broadcast and written stories. In addition to offering news from a German perspective in dozens of languages, including both German and English, Deutsche Welle also provides resources for German language learners. They offer several podcasts, including Deutsch im Fokus, which explores spoken German idioms and vocabulary, and Top-Thema, news stories in simplified German with accompanying transcripts. 

TV and Movies

Leben der anderen/The Lives of Others (2006)

In this German melodrama, a member of the Stasi, Gerd Weisler who has dedicated his life to following and spying on those who might pose a threat to the government of East Germany suddenly becomes enveloped with the life of a playwright and his lover. He begins to care about these complete strangers, and tries to undermine the request of his government minister in order to protect these two innocent lives. A touch of humanism is revealed through the protagonist’s dedication to his own moral code, which he realizes overlaps with the lives of others. A sleek, riveting piece of cinema, one will be on the edge of their seat until the end.


Tatort, a mystery/crime show, is one of Germany’s most popular TV-series, consisting of over one thousand episodes since its release in 1970. Episodes are individually produced by regional TV stations, featuring a variety of locations in the German-speaking world including Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Vienna, and even Switzerland. Although each location has its own characters and plots, nearly 30 full-length (90min) episodes are released each year, contributing to highly-developed stories and character relations. The level of German is fairly advanced, but the context and plot are easy to follow, and the variety of settings provides a good insight into regional dialects and accents. 

Film synopses by Nathan Modlin and Sandra De Anda.