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French Language Resources

Resources for Grammar


These self-correcting grammar exercises are available through Moodle. ELFE offers practice in specific skill sets and allows students to pick what lessons and words they want to work on. Although the system only accepts one correct answer, it does give hints as to where the problem is. This Reed-specific resource is probably best for beginning and intermediate language learners, though advanced students may find the practice useful as well.

RFI Savoirs

Radio France Internationale hosts a page dedicated to teachers and learners of French. Materials include collections of audio and text articles on particular topics, which are useful for building vocabulary; audio stories with comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary quizzes; and French news casts using simpler vocabulary and a slower pace. French learners of all levels could find useful resources here.


This French-language television station offers several interactive video exercises for French language learners from beginners to advanced students. Exercises cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension.

Resources for Vocabulary


LyricsTraining allows users to fill in words of song lyrics while watching the music video for the song. With an optional account, users can choose which lyrics to omit from a song and create printed versions of the exercise. Lyrics are crowd-sourced, so users may sometimes encounter errors. 

Dans l'Air du Temps

This tool, created by FrancoLab at TV5, uses Francophone Canadian songs to teach French vocabulary and grammar. Unlike LyricsTraining, Dans l'Air du Temps has a variety of types of exercises. The attractive interface and the chance to learn about Francophone Canadian music my also interest some French language learners. Dans l'Air du Temps has resources for beginners through advanced learners.

Check out the vocabulary resources on our general resources page for suggestions for learning foreign language vocabulary.

The online language learning resources reviewed on our general resources page also focus on vocabulary.

Resources for Pronunciation and Conversation

Check out the pronunciation resources on the general resources page for more pronunciation help!

Chatting with a native speaker can be a great way to improve your conversational skills. Check out the language exchange options on the general resources page for suggestions on how to meet native speakers.

Resources for Writing


Antidote is powerful spelling and grammar correction software built specifically for French. It integrates with MS Word but can also be used alone. Antidote works with built-in grammar and vocabulary reference resources, providing users with comprehensive explanations of errors and possible corrections. Because Antidote is made for French speakers, the interface and reference works are entirely in French, making Antidote an especially good choice for advanced students. Antidote is available only on the Language Lab computers.

Bon Patron

Bon Patron is an online grammar and spelling correction tool similar to Antidote. Because it's available anywhere, it's a handy alternative to Antidote, but it lacks the comprehensive resources available in Antidote. Suggestions and guides are available in English, making this a good choice for students just beginning French composition.


Reverso is another online grammar and spelling correction tool. It lacks the linguistic references available in both Antidote and Bon Patron. Explanation for corrections are in French, so this tool might be best for advanced learners. Because Antidote, Bon Patron, and Reverso catch different errors or explain errors in different ways, it may be useful for a French language learner to check their work using more than one tool.