Language Resources

French Newspapers and Blogs

Online Newspapers

Le Monde

Le Monde is a major French newspaper based in Paris. Because it's widely read, Le Monde is a good choice for getting an introduction into news and global events from a French centrist perspective. It's a good choice for French learners interested in understanding the French view of global events.

Le Figaro

Le Figaro is Le Monde's primary competitor. It is also published in Paris, but has a right-of-center bent.


This center-left newspaper tends to focus on French national and local issues and is a good choice for French learners interested in what's happening in France.

Blogs and Online Magazines

Les Inrocks

This weekly cultural magazine is a great source for reading about culture in French. The subject matter of its pieces strikes a balance between French and outside media, so whether you want to read about French musicians or just want to read a recap of the latest Game of Thrones episode in French, Les Inrocks is perfect.


Causette is a monthly feminist magazine with circulation throughout the French-speaking world and an online version.