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Recommended Online French Dictionaries

The following online dictionaries are recommended for French learners of all levels.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online 

Oxford provides English-French and French-English language dictionaries with numerous example sentences showing, for instance, different verb forms in context. These dictionaries also include information about and translations of idiomatic phrases. Audio of native-speaker pronunciation is available. Access is provided through Reed Library.


WordReference provides English-French, French-English, and conjugation dictionaries. The discussion forums are a popular feature of WordReference: they include discussions about usage, idiomatic expressions, etc. with many native-speaker participants. WordReference is also available as a free iOS or Android app.

Le Grand Robert Dictionary

This is the online version fo the authoritative French dictionary. It gives comprehensive definitions in French, including the different ways a word could be used and literary examples for each. This is a good choice for students whose professors have asked them to use only fully French dictionaries for their readings. Access Le Grand Robert through the library at the link above; select the "view it" tab.


This resource allows a user to look up a word in any number of French dictionaries. It's useful as a compiled list of obscure French dictionaries for specific purposes, such as rhyming dictionaries and dictionaries of anagrams. This resource is especially good for those students who are writing in French.