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French Audiovisual Resources

Radio and Podcasts

Radio France

Listen to French news, cultural, or music programming live online. There are a wide range of programs to choose from, as well as print stories with accompanying audio and video. 


The international voice of French radio, RFI offers streaming and archived programming that is interesting to French speakers and learners outside of France. In addition to regular programming, RFI also offers a variety of audio options for French teachers and learners under RFI SavoirsThe website may start streaming immediately when you access it.

TV and Movies


On the 6play website, you can gain free access to French television programs, including some French dubs of English shows like NCIS and Hawaii 5-0. You do have to create an account using your email or Facebook account. The website may play an ad with audio immediately when you access it.

Le Zapping

Le Zapping provides French daily news in seven minutes, a time frame which works well for French language learners. The service is free, but you do have to watch a lot of ads to use it.

Jules et Jim/Jules and Jim (1962)

Jules, an Austrian and Jim,a Frenchman are best friends who seek knowledge and beauty together through poetry, language, and women. One day they see a sculpture of a woman that embodies their ideals of beauty and travel to the Adriatic to find it and see it. They are completely taken aback when they meet this ideal of beauty in the flesh when they meet Catherine. The both fall in love with her; their friendship suspended in a love triangle. Questions of how and if their friendship can be preserved arise as Catherine is incapable of making up her mind in deciding who she loves more. The film is pulsating with life, keen insights into the things we consider sacred in relationships, and though in black and white embodies the spirit of French New Wave Cinema.

The African Doctor (2016)
A doctor from the Congo finds a job in rural France and brings his family to stay in a tiny town there. The movie deals with themes of racism, prejudice, and homesickness as it shows the ups and downs of moving into a foreign country. But it remains lighthearted with many funny moments, such as the doctor building his business by frequenting the local bar and getting drunk. All the characters are well-acted; humorous, sad, and ultimately triumphant--this is a family you’ll want to spend more time with. Based on a true story.

Film synopses by Maggie Davies and Sandra De Anda.