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Online Newspapers

China Daily

China Daily is primarily meant for non-Chinese readers, both expats living in China and foreign markets. It's available online in both English and Chinese and is published in several overseas versions.

Liberty Times

Liberty Times has the largest circulation among the newspapers of Taiwan. It generally holds a pro-independence stance.


Xinhua is the official news agency of the Chinese Communist government and supplies many of the stories presented both within and outside of China. Although tied to the government, Xinhau has an international scope. It has both Chinese- and English-language online news sites.

Portland Chinese Times

This local Chinese-language newspaper provides coverage of both local and international news. There's also information about events of interest to the Chinese-speaking community. As a local newspaper, it isn't updated often.

Blogs and Online Magazines


WeChat is a popular Chinese messaging app with public accounts on a variety of topics. The app is available for mac, Windows, iOS and Android. The following public accounts are recommended:

  • Dandu (search dandureading) - contemporary Chinese literature and book recommendations
  • Oriental History Commentary (search ohistory) - articles and book excerpts on the history of the Far East
  • Sijiu Cheng (search sijuicheng2014) - accounts of experiences and current events in Beijing started by university students from Beijing