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Arabic Language Resources

Resources for the Arabic alphabet

Arabic Alphabet

This interactive website from San Diego State University teaches users how to pronounce and write the letters of the Arabic alphabet. There is an animated page for each letter with pronunciation and writing practice. Watch out! The site plays sound immediately upon loading!

Arabic Alphabet chart

This website from Stanford features videos about how to write and pronounce Arabic letters with different presentations, such as letters that are pronounced similarly.

Resources for Grammar

101 Rules

This PDF of 101 Arabic grammar rules starts with the Arabic alphabet and advances to verb moods and participles. It's a good resource for beginners to advanced learners looking to review or reinforce grammar. The 101 Rules were written by Mohammed Jiyad of Mount Holyoke.

Arabic Grammar Search

This resource from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center is a set of online lessons sortable by grammatical point. Though the interface is outdated, this resource is useful for review of specific grammatical points.

ACON Arabic conjugator

Conjugage Arabic verbs by choosing the triliteral root and the conjugation pattern. ACON is also available as a paid app for iOS and Android.

Talk in Arabic

This is a subscription-based paid service that provides video and audio resources and excerises in spoken Arabic. Unlike many other Arabic grammar resources, Talk in Arabic provides instruction in a number of dialects. There is very little free material on this site, with the exception of the blog, which often provides transcriptions of popular Arabic songs.

Resources for Vocabulary

Check out the vocabulary resources on our general resources page for suggestions for learning foreign language vocabulary.

The online language learning resources reviewed on our general resources page also focus on vocabulary.

Resources for Pronunciation and Conversation

Check out the pronunciation resources on the general resources page for more pronunciation help!

Chatting with a native speaker can be a great way to improve your conversational skills. Check out the language exchange options on the general resources page for suggestions on how to meet native speakers.

Resources for Writing

Check out Lang-8 on the general resources page for help with Arabic composition! Exchange your writing with that of native Arabic speakers and get feedback.