Language Resources

Arabic Newspapers and Blogs

Online newspapers


Al-Ahram is a state-run newspaper from Egypt and one of the most popular newspapers in the country. In addition to Arabic-language versions covering Egyptian and international news, Al-Ahram publishes weekly newspapers in French and English

Al Jazeera

This international Doha-based news agency is the largest Arabic-language news outlet in the world. Al Jazeera publishes content in many languages, including English, and presents news across media.

El Khabar

El Khabar is a popular Algerian newspaper reporting on both national and international news.

The Arab American News

The Arab American News is one of the oldest newspapers published for the Arab American community. It is published in Dearborn, Michigan, and features local, national, and international news. It's available in both Arabic and English.

Blogs and online magazines


7iber is an online magazine and blog from Jordan dedicated to exploring complex issues and providing access to information in the region. Select stories are also available in English.