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Recommended Online Arabic Dictionaries

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online 

Oxford provides English-Arabic and Arabic-English language dictionaries with numerous example sentences showing, for instance, different verb forms in context. These dictionaries also include information about and translations of idiomatic phrases. Audio of native-speaker pronunciation is available. Access is provided through Reed Library.


WordReference provides English-Arabic and Arabic-English. The discussion forums are a popular feature of WordReference: they include discussions about usage, idiomatic expressions, etc. with many native-speaker participants. WordReference is also available as a free iOS or Android app.


Lexilogos provides links to a number of Arabic dictionaries, including dictionaries for classical Arabic, specific dialects, and Arabic loanwords in other languages. This is a good choice for Arabic learners with specific needs or who haven't found success with more general dictionaries.


Mo3jam is a dictionary of colloquial Arabic that also includes slang expressions. Because it's searchable by dialect, it's especially useful for dealing with recent written Arabic or chatting online or in person with native Arabic speakers. Mo3jam is crowd-sourced, so definitions may change and new words and expressions are added often.