Language Resources

Arabic Cultural Resources

Museums and the arts

Beirut National Museum

The Beirut National Museum houses artifacts from the prehistoric to medieval periods from the area around Beirut. The website, available in both Arabic and English, includes information about the collections, including videos about key objects.

The National Bardo Museum

The National Bardo Museum in Tunis has collections spanning Tunisia's Phoenician to Islamic history. The website is available in Arabic, French, and English. It features information about the museum and its collections, including extended information on 101 significant artifacts.

Biblioteca Alexandrina

This reimagined library of Alexandria holds a public library, museums, and research collections. The website, available in Arabic, French, and English, provides information about the various departments of the Biblioteca Alexandrina as well as events held in the space.

Dubai Culture

The culture authority for Dubai oversees museums, libraries, and arts initiatives for the emirate. The website, available in Arabic and English, includes information about current public art displays and events, as well as links to social media and library catalogs.

Digital collections and projects

Manar Al-Athar

Manar Al-Athar is a collection of digital media of archaeological and historical sites from the Middle East. The images are available to students, teachers, and researchers under a Creative Commons license. The collection is expanding and is searchable through a bilingual English-Arabic website.

Arabic Collections Online

Arabic Collections Online is the home of digitized, public domain, Arabic-language texts held at New York University and other institutions and sponsored by NYU Abu Dhabi. Digitized works can be viewed online or downloaded as pdfs. The website is bilingual English-Arabic and also includes links to other digital collections of Arabic-language materials.