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Arabic Audiovisual Resources

Radio and Podcasts

ihabibi radio

This LA-based radio station plays the latest Arabic-language hits. Listen online, watch clips of music videos, and read the English-language blog for celebrity gossip. Because the interface for this radio station is all English, this is a good choice for beginning Arabic learners or people without knowledge of Arabic who are interested in Arabic-language pop music. Watch out! Music begins to stream as soon as you navigate to the page!

Radio Aswat

This Moroccan radio station broadcasts news, cultural programming and sports in Arabic. Programs are available to stream live or to listen to later. The website also includes Arabic-language news stories.

Radio Horytna

This online-only radio station from Cairo features talk programs and Arabic popular music. Many of the reports, which deal with topics of interest to middle- and upper-class young Egyptians, are available to listen to at any point.

Radio Sawa

This American-funded radio service has radio programs on topics from across the Arabic-speaking world. Programming includes music and news stories. Many programs are available to listen to online at any time, or you can stream live radio.

TV and Movies

Wadjda (2015)

The first feature-length by a female Saudi director, this debut follows the life of Wadjda an 11-year old Saudi girl. She is unlike other girls in her class; she wears Converse shoes under her clothes, she aspires to ride a bike, something uncommon amongst girls, and has the wit to understand the very mature things happening around her. Wadjda strives to win a Quran recital competition to win enough money to buy a bike, so she can race her male friend. Along this journey of trying to win the competition she faces issues with her family and struggles with her identity.

Theeb/Wolf (2015)

This coming of age story concerns Theeb, the youngest of three sons who resides in a Bedouin community; a community of arab nomads with his two brothers. The movie takes place in 1916 during the Arab Revolt, a time when Arab nationalist sought independence from Ottoman Turks. One day in Theeb’s community a British army officer comes searching for a well to drink from. From there, when he tries to aid this officer, he is met with a series of unfortunate events that will ultimately lead him to travel through a desert with Hassan, the mercenary that has killed his brother. Theeb traverses the desert with great composure and dignity, knowing that Hassan needs him and he needs Hassan. When the journey ends can these two men trust each other or will there be hostility between them?

Film synopses by Sandra De Anda.