International Student Services

Division of Student Services

International Student Advisory Board

The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) brings together Reedies from around the world to share their international experiences. 


CREATE opportunities to interact outside the classroom and dorm environment (we understand how tricky that can be at Reed!). Last year we led weekend off-campus trips, for example, to Dairy Queen, Bubble Tea, Saturday Market and the Bins.

FACILITATE events to share perspectives and engage in Reed-esque Conversations whilst partaking of Coffee and Cookies (our famous C3s). Last year, we organized on-campus discussions of international issues both serious and playful, with topics like Arranged Marriage and "Does your mom do your laundry?"

CELEBRATE international diversity at Reed. Every year, we organize and run Reed's International Festival. This event includes stage performances by Reedies showcasing international music and dance, and food from around the world.


Zuyun Wang (Levy)

Hello! I am Levy and I'm from Chengdu China, a city in Southwestern China where panda bears are from! I spent most of life in that city until I went to high school in Massachusetts. The past three years in Massachusetts I made a lot of Asian friends because there are a lot of them in that high school. Now here I am at Reed College as a freshman, I am looking forward to meeting more people and sharing cultures and experiences.
I am especially interested in Japanese culture and that is the reason for living in J-dorm. If you are also interested in Japanese culture please let me know! Even if not, I's still love to talk!


Ieva Dalbina

Hey! My name is Ieva and I am an international student from Latvia. I'm a freshman at Reed, quite possibly an Economics or Political Science major. I am also a runner who consumes excessive amounts of coffee, enjoys talking about things like alternate universes and Doctor Who a bit too much. I joined the ISAB because I really like the international community at Reed, and I want to give others more opportunities to share their cultures and experiences!


Korina Yoo

Hello! My name is Korina and I am from the tiny island of Guam! I am a freshman and potential Linguistics major. I am half Korean and half Filipina (guess what portmanteau that makes!) and I spent most of my childhood in the Philippines. I love languages and learning about different cultures so I am very much excited to be part of the Reed international community. I am also a huge foodie and music junkie so hit me up if you want to share some good eats and good beats!


Ki Choi

My name is Ki Choi (Won Joon Ki Choi is my official name), and I was born in Pasadena, California. When I was five, I moved to Korea, and when I was twelve, I moved back to California, and when I was fifteen, I moved back to Korea (You get the idea!) Before coming to Reed, I attended a tiny international boarding school in Korea with a group of people who all lived a very interesting life. I love running, playing chess, and reading good books (All of which I plan to pursue during my time at Reed!)


Flozzie Randari

My name is Florence Randari, an international student from Kenya and a freshman.

I am really interested in joining the ISAB so I hope you consider me as you take in international students.


Weekie Yao

Hello! My name is Weekie and I'm from China. I also spent three years in Australia for high school. I'm a freshman and my intended major is biology or BMB. I like delicious food and I would like to try all kinds of cuisines from different countries around the world.  I also would like to make friends with people from different countries, and different cultural backgrounds. I'm excited share my Chinese culture and also learn and experience different cultures.