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The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) brings together Reedies from around the world to share their international experiences. 


CREATE opportunities to interact outside the classroom and dorm environment (we understand how tricky that can be at Reed!). Last year we led weekend off-campus trips, for example, to Dairy Queen, Bubble Tea, Saturday Market and the Bins.

FACILITATE events to share perspectives and engage in Reed-esque Conversations whilst partaking of Coffee and Cookies (our famous C3s). Last year, we organized on-campus discussions of international issues both serious and playful, with topics like Arranged Marriage and "Does your mom do your laundry?"

CELEBRATE international diversity at Reed. Every year, we organize and run Reed's International Festival. This event includes stage performances by Reedies showcasing international music and dance, and food from around the world.


Levy Wang

Hi My name is Levy Wang and I am a sophomore from Chengdu, China. I am a potential psychology major because I especially value the interpersonal relationships with others. I went to a boarding school in Massachusetts for three years and I have found life in Portland pretty different from my previous experience on the east coast. I am really into film, photography and music, mainly guitar and piano. I like to take random pictures because I appreciate every detail of my life, including many quirky ones. Additionally, I enjoy playing the guitar! If you have time, don't hesitate to talk to me and share all your random and awesome thoughts!


Flozzie Randari

Hey! My name is Flozzie Randari from Kenya. I am a sophomore Economics major. I am super excited to serve in the board for the second year. It's a great opportunity to learn new cultures, teach others my culture, enhance my inter-personal skills, take part in planning ISS events and hang out with cool people! I love cooking,watching comedy, talking and laughing. Let's talk....



Sidney Buttril

I am Sidney Buttrill. I am American Chinese and I grew up in Hong Kong. I love what ISS did for me and my friends freshman year and I want to help out and make this year great as well. I want to share Hong Kong's struggle for democracy with Reed and learn about other cultures government struggles.

Weekie Yao
Hello! My name is Weekie and I'm from China. I also spent three years in Australia for high school. I'm a sophomore and my intended major is biology or BMB. I like delicious food and I would like to try all kinds of cuisines from different countries around the world.  I also would like to make friends with people from different countries, and different cultural backgrounds. I'm excited share my Chinese culture and also learn and experience different cultures. I live in Scholz 3 which is Japanese Culture Theme Dorm. It's a very fun place and we have some big events throughout the year. Come and visit J-dorm. 
Also, I can play Erhu which is a Chinese traditional instrument. It's very cool. You can talk to me if you want to know more. I'm really happy to play some pieces to demonstrate my instrument. 


Eloise Chen

Ciao! This is Eloise! I am mostly from Shanghai, the largest metropolis in China. I stayed in some amazing local schools in Shanghai until I transferred to an English international high school. Except for the air, I enjoyed Shanghai very much. I am very proud of its level of diversity and internationality there. I love sports and also extreme sports. I enjoy nearly all kinds of music, especially post-punk, jazz, minimalist, avant-garde, post-rock and classics (especially impressionist). I am very excited about adding my own element to the Reed international community! Shoot me an email if you want to share some musique, some philosophy or play sports!


Farhanul Hassan

Hi! I'm Farhanul Hasan. I'm a freshman from Bangladesh. I grew up in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and one of the most packed (and exciting!) places in South Asia. I completed my Cambridge IGCSEs and A Levels and graduated from The Aga Khan School, Dhaka in 2014. 

I came to Reed for its intellectual atmosphere, strong science programs (not to mention the reactor) and generous financial aid. I wish to major in Physics and go on to Grad School. I enjoy detective fiction, rock music (mostly blues and psychedelic), comic books, deep philosophical discussions (who doesn't?) and hiking.


Flora McGivan

My name is Flora McGivan. I am a British exchange student from the University of Nottingham. The ISS made the transition from the UK to the US so easy for me, and I felt so lucky to have been given the International Orientation which was so fun and made everything less daunting! I would love to help plan events for international students and to be part of the ISS!


Revant Bagaria

Hello, my name is Revant. I am an international student from India. I was born and brought up in Kolkata, which is in East India. I am a prospective Math-Economics major.  I also feel that Reed has a very diverse crowd and we should celebrate this diversity by getting involved in the ISS events. I joined the ISAB because it would give me the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and to learn about their cultures. 


Michael Keppler

Hi! My name is Michael Christian Santos Keppler (the middle names change depending on the country I'm in), and I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. When I was five, I moved to Hong Kong, and when I was eleven I moved to the Philippines (though I spent a fair bit, if not most, of my childhood/life there as I'm half-pinoy). I've spent most of my academic life in international schools so I love meeting people from all backgrounds. I'm also an avid fan/follower of music, film, literature, world events, and math; hit me up if you're down to discuss any of them, or just game to have a stupid laugh or two.


Ribby Suh

Hi, Im Ribby. I'm a junior majoring in Math or Physics. I'm from South Korea, the little peninsula next to China and Japan. I've only lived in the states for three years when I was young, so I've been living in my hometown most of the time before I came to Reed. The thing I miss most about Korea is the food. Id like to introduce them into our group and also especially get to know other cultures' exotic food.


Dupe Fasawe

Hello! My name is Dupe (fullname is Modupeoluwa). I am from Nigeria. I am a freshman at Reed and potential Math major. I like singing, painting and watching movies. I attended African Leadership Academy (ALA) for two years after my high school and during my time there, I learnt to appreciate diversity. I look forward to experiencing the cultural diversity at Reed. 

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