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The InterConnect program seeks to support new international students with their cultural, social, and academic transition to Reed by matching them with a current Reedie. New students and their mentors will get to know each other through frequent individual meetings and a series of InterConnect events that will occur during the school year.

InterConnect Mentors 2011-2012

  • Christian Miguel AcuñaChristian Acuña
  • Prakher BajpaiPrakher Bajpai
  • Hannah ChoiHannah Choi
  • Taylor Cross-WhiterTaylor Cross-Whiter
  • Anya DemkoAnya Demko
  • Chanelle DoucetteChanelle Doucette
  • Michael GonzalesMichael Gonzales
  • Archit GuhaArchit Guha
  • Maya JarradMaya Jarrad
  • Audrey LorberfeldAudrey Lorberfeld
  • Amanuel MelesseAmanuel Melesse
  • Shabab Ahmed MirzaShabab Ahmed Mirza
  • Liz NguyenElizabeth Nguyen
  • Sean O'GradySean O'Grady
  • Desmond RgwaringesuDesmond Rgwaringesu
  • Maya Scherr-WilsonMaya Scherr-Wilson

Christian Miguel Acuña

Hometown Walnut, CA

Country USA

When you go to your hometown you like to… Binge on In-n-out and hit up the beach for a bonfire with friends

Class year Junior

Major History

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland Gray Fund and free food

Bio I'm a Junior History major at Reed from Southern California. I spent a year abroad in Beijing, China between my freshman and sophomore year studying Chinese. During that time, I took a two-month backpacking trip exploring western and southern China. Along the way I fell in love with Sichuan providence, know for its spicy food. I enjoy snowboarding and spending time outdoors whenever I get a chance.

Prakher Bajpai

Hometown Kathmandu

Country Nepal

Class year 2014

Major I still haven't decided my major and am considering various different options.

Bio Hi! I'm Prakher and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I work at the ISS, mostly on the Global Spotlight Program, which is a lot of fun. I enjoy playing pool and table-tennis during my spare time and you will always find an open door and a hot cup of coffee waiting for you if you're a Barclays Premier League fan like me and wish to talk about football teams, matches and results all day long.

Hannah Choi

Hometown Songtan

Country South Korea

When you go to your hometown you like to… Consume as much kimchi and my favorite Korean foods as humanely possible.

Class year 2014

Major Undecided

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland I like the fact that Reed almost never sleeps or closes. When I first visited Portland in August, I fell in love with the city because of the perfect weather, the beautiful trees, and the friendly people. It makes up for the gloomy winter.

Bio When asked where I am from, I usually answer "South Korea" in interest of time. My dad was in the military, so our family moved around a lot. Chinese is my prospective major, but I also enjoy music and art. You can frequently find me in Prexy, the music building on the edge of campus.

Taylor Cross-Whiter

Hometown Southampton, UK

Country British/American

Class year Junior

Major History

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland The interesting conversations you hear on campus and Powell's Bookstore.

Bio I was born in England, grew up in Denmark and moved to Seattle when I was 15. I love cozy rainy days, reading, traveling and being a history major.

Anya Demko

Hometown Boston

Country USA

When you go to your hometown you like to… Take a walk down the harbor and then eat LOBSTER (steamed with garlic and butter)

Class year 2014

Major Physics (Econ? Ask me at the end of next year…)

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland The million and one coffeeshops, and how each one has it's own character

Bio I’m down to talk about anything. Especially over food. I’ll cook dinner if you do the dishes.

Chanelle Doucette

Hometown San Diego, CA

Country USA

When you go to your hometown you like to… When I go home I like to read or play soccer at the beach, knit, paint on my porch, and watch Law and Order with my family.

Class year 2014

Major Psychology

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland My favorite thing about Reed is that there are so many interesting people with so many different talents. I love the art and music scene around Portland and I love doing my homework at one of the many coffee shops.

BioI am currently a psych major and plan to study criminal psych in the future, hopefully profiling serial killers in the FBI--don’t worry I don’t pursue these types of interests in daily life. Otherwise, I like to tap dance, play guitar (which occasionally sounds like music), unicycle, knit, and listen to 90s music among many other random hobbies.

Michael Gonzales

Hometown Austin, Texas

Country USA

When you go to your hometown you like to… Back home I enjoy swimming at Barton Springs, eating Mexican food, grilling and learning to play tennis.

Class year Senior

Major Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland I really enjoy that people at Reed are easily excited about learning and their field of study. In addition, everyone I've met at Reed has an interesting background and perception of the world around them that they can share with others. In my opinion, the greatest thing people can share with others are those experiences.

Bio I'm a Senior Biochemistry/Molecular Biology major from Austin, Texas. I enjoy any activity where I get to spend time outside, especially sports. One day I will move to Los Angeles and practice orthopaedic surgery or emergency medicine. I am really excited about my education and always enjoy meeting new people!

Archit Guha

Hometown Bombay

Country India

Class year 2014

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland Favourite Things about Reed: The serendipity of everyday life here; the professors; the academic challenges; the Honor Principle. Favourite Things about Portland: Exploring downtown; eating at food carts and restaurants; going to music concerts.

Maya Jarrad

Hometown Charlotte, Vermont

Country USA

Class year 2014

Bio I grew up in Charlotte, Vermont (think lots of fields, cows, and hills) but have always loved traveling. Never one to get homesick, I spent my summers at various camps and camping journeys with friends. I took a year off from school between high school and college, in which I worked and traveled to France and Italy for two months, staying on various couches, eating great food, and speaking the language. I love to cook, I dabble in photography, I wish I had time for musical theater, and have too many cats.

Audrey Lorberfeld

Hometown Larchmont, NY

Country USA

When you go to your hometown you like to… When I go back home my favorite thing to do is drive aimlessly around town in my friend's car and just listen to music. We go to all of our old favorite lunch places, pick up a bite to eat and head to one of our favorite parks by the water. It's nice to see the town after not being there for a whole semester. We see which shops have closed and which new ones are open. It's nice seeing people who have just moved in and seeing people who have lived there since we were little.

Class year 2013

Major Classics-Religion

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland My favorite thing about Portland is the food carts and the people. I'm a huge foodie and so having fantastic, home-cooked, inexpensive food so easily accessible is so incredible and a thing most other cities don't have. The food scene in Portland is really special and places like the carts are also great hangout places and social venues.

My favorite part about Reed is the people. Most everyone I've met at Reed has a really interesting background and an even more interesting, weird area of study and interest. Dinner out with Reedies is never dull and most everyone I met has been very welcoming and accepting of every type of person.

Bio I was born and raised in Larchmont, New York, a small town about 20 miles outside New York City. I like to think of myself as well traveled - I've been to Panama, the Galapagos Islands, mainland Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Greece. I live for experiencing new cultures. I love to cook and am part of /uncommons/ here on campus. I believe one of the best ways to get to know a country is through its food, it can transform your entire prospective of a culture. I own a rambunctious kitten named Clytemnestra. I'm a Classics-Religion major and am currently doing a semester abroad in Athens, Greece. I love the paganistic/polytheistic religions of ancient Greece, specifically the rituals. In my spare time I cook, draw, write and read. I moved all the way to Portland from New York to experience a new culture, and I concede to the validity of the saying "West coast, best coast," sorry New England-ers.

Amanuel Melesse

Hometown Addis Ababa

Country Ethiopia

Class year 2014

Major Biology

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland The variety of things you can do. There is room at Reed (and elsewhere in Portland) for people of all interests.

Bio I'm a sophomore from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and I've had an interesting freshman year. Among other things, I enjoy playing pool, discovering good music, exploring Portland and watching basketball games.

Shabab Ahmed Mirza

Hometown Dhaka

Country Bangladesh

When you go to your hometown you like to… …sleep, eat Bangladeshi desserts, try to unclutter my room, enjoy the mild South Asian winter and enjoy everything cheap. And sleep some more.

Class year 2013

Major Undeclared

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland Reedies/Portlanders

Bio I was born and grew up in Dhaka, but like to call Reed home. I think we live in a very special community here, one that has taught me that the unexamined life is not worth living. This is my first summer in the City of Roses, and it's been a wonderful experience. I look forward to meeting the new Reedies in the fall, and am always looking for people to go see plays and dance concerts with.

Elizabeth Nguyen

Hometown Venice, California

Country USA

When you go to your hometown you like to… enjoy the beach, some home cooked meals prepared by my daddy, and catch up with pop-culture.

Class year Senior (AAAHHH!!)

Major I've flopped around so much from Chem to Bio, to potentially English, potentially Math, etc etc, then finally landed on Cognitive Psychology.

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland The people: fun, interesting, unique. Really, it’s the people that make both of these places what they are.

Bio I love life. Really, I get made fun of because one of my most overused phrases while studying abroad is: "Oh my goodness, that is beautiful!" Love good food, dancing the night away, geeking out to silly things, and just enjoying the moment. I have also been fortunate enough to absolutely love, in different ways, every place I’ve ever lived: Los Angeles; Venice, California; Portland, Maine; NYC; Portland, Oregon; Florence, Italy.

Sean O'Grady

Hometown New York City

Country USA

When you go to your hometown you like to… I like to ride the subway into the city and spend my days lounging in small restaurants and cafes.

Class year Senior

Major German Literature

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland No matter how far you travelled to get to Reed, you'll always feel at home in Reed's library.

Bio I'm a Reed senior from New York City and I spent sophomore year on exchange in Munich, Germany. I loved Germany (and Europe in general), but it's brilliant to be back in the USA. I'm a great fan of soccer/football/fußball and I'll talk all day about the different matches/results if you let me. I'm also a great fan of coffee, appreciating fine things, and generally living the life aesthetic.

Desmond Rgwaringesu

Hometown Gweru

Country Zimbabwe

When you go to your hometown you like to… Spend time with family and friends

Class year Sophomore

Major Biochemistry

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland I like the high level of student faculty interaction and the small class sizes at Reed and I like the high level of vegetation in Portland.

BioHi there, my name is Desmond and I am from Gweru Zimbabwe. I love swimming, weight lifting, interacting with new people and constantly learning new stuff.

Maya Scherr-Wilson

Hometown Los Angeles, CA

Country USA

When you go to your hometown you like to… When I'm in LA I enjoy discovering new restaurants, going to the griffith observatory and walking around downtown.

Class year Junior

Major Spanish Literature

Favorite thing about Reed/Portland My favorite thing about Reed is the community. I love all of the events that happen like RAD and the dance parties that bring everyone together. In Portland, I love eating, coffee, and live music!

Bio I am a soon-to-be junior Spanish Literature major from Los Angeles, California. I’m currently studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador. I’m looking forward to returning to Portland so I can explore it like I have Quito. I’m excited to find some good Locro or Llapingachos and become acquainted with the Ecuadorian community in Portland. I also now have an incredible drive to travel all over the world but especially in Latin America.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Dana Bays, Assistant Dean of International Students.