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The InterConnect program seeks to support new international students with their cultural, social, and academic transition to Reed by matching them with a current Reedie. New students and their mentors will get to know each other through frequent individual meetings and a series of InterConnect events that will occur during the school year.


The InterConnect Team Dana, Ben, and the mentors know how to make a great first impression! Seven outstanding mentors were selected, and they all attended training sessions and workshops to prepare for the coming year. You can browse their profiles below.

InterConnect Mentors 2012-2013

  • Amzar FaizAmzar Faiz
  • Chris GraultyChris Graulty
  • Ha NguyenHa Nguyen
  • Jodie MoonJodie Moon
  • Orphelia EllogneOrphelia Ellogne
  • Sandra Esmeralda De AndaSandra Esmeralda De Anda
  • Maya Scherr-WilsonMaya Scherr-Wilson

Amzar Faiz

I am a rising senior economics major from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aside from my studies, I have learned many side skills during my time at Reed. Some of these skills include learning capoeira, how to snowboard, how to play the violin and how to sail. Reed is honestly the perfect setting for someone like me, as it gives me the resources necessary to try almost anything that I want to.

Chris Graulty

My name is Chris, I’ll be a sophomore as of Fall 2012.  I hope to major in Neuroscience, although that is not an official major at Reed as of yet.  Regardless, my academic interests are generally in the natural sciences, but I also enjoy taking classes in philosophy.  I was born in Ohio, grew up in Japan and China, and currently my family lives in Singapore.  In my spare time I work for the theater department building sets, and I’m also a member of the Reed fire troupe.  In my spare spare time I also enjoy long walks, Zumba, and singing in the choir.  Additionally, if I could eat Korean BBQ for every meal, I would.   One thing I love about Reed is the fun yet productive atmosphere.

Ha Nguyen

I’m Ha Nguyen, class of ‘15. I grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam and went to a boarding school in Maine before coming to Reed, where I found myself completely fallen in love with Portland and the West coast. I’m studying Biochem & Molecular Biology, with a huge interest in Pre-medicine. I’m also interested in learning Spanish and looking forward to studying abroad next year. I have been to many places on the East coast in the US, Spain, Austria, Japan, and of course my hometown Vietnam. I love skateboarding, snowboarding, playing the guitar and chilling with friends, which I can do easily and regularly at Reed. The weekend here is the great time to shred on the mountain, or have some gnarly skate session at one of the various skate spots in town. I love how Reed does “keep Portland weird,” with the naked people, awesome nerds, skateboarding club, Renn Fayre, and so much more…

Jodie Moon

Hello! I'm Jodie from Korea, an Anthropology major and soon-to-be junior. 6 years of studying abroad in the US has made me an expert packer and taught me to always ask for hot sauce. I'm constantly thinking about translation and the ways that people tell stories. As for my own, I think that there's no right place to begin; I'm starting to believe that what's important is that I do. I love the trees at Reed.

Orphelia Ellogne

My name is Amah Orphelia Carenne Ellogne. I am from Ivory Coast. In 2009, I left my country to go to a Pan African school in South Africa. There, the cultural diversity, the meaningful experiences I had, and the wonderful friends I made, helped me to identify my interests. I am passionate about economics, mathematics, and children’s rights. I primarily chose Reed for the interdisciplinary majors. I am a potential math-economics major. Another thing I love about Reed is the great support international students receive.

Sandra Esmeralda De Anda

Hello! My name is Sandra Esmeralda De Anda, and I will be a sophomore next year. I am from Santa Ana, California. I am a Political Science major, and hope to pursue law school with this degree. I enjoy bird watching and learning about different bird species. I also enjoy reading Russian Literature, and watching Woody Allen films. I also appreciate good rock n’ roll music. The thing I love most about Reed College is the fact that you can always be yourself, and people will appreciate you for it.

Maya Scherr-Wilson

Hi, I'm a senior Spanish literature major from Los Angeles, California. When I'm in LA I enjoy discovering new restaurants, going to the griffith observatory and walking around downtown. My favorite thing about Reed is the community. I love all of the events that happen like RAD and the dance parties that bring everyone together. In Portland, I love eating, coffee, and live music! Last year, I studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador. I’m excited to find some good Locro or Llapingachos and become acquainted with the Ecuadorian community in Portland. I also now have an incredible drive to travel all over the world but especially in Latin America.



If you have any questions about the program, please contact Dana Bays, Assistant Dean of International Students.

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