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The InterConnect program seeks to support new international students with their cultural, social, and academic transition to Reed by matching them with a current Reedie. New students and their mentors will get to know each other through frequent individual meetings and a series of InterConnect events that will occur during the school year.

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InterConnect Mentors 2017-18

Meaza Abate

Meaza Abate

Hiiii, my name is Meaza Abate. I’m a senior studying Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science. I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a short stint in Namibia when I was young. I hope to work in youth development sectors and matters relating to HIV when I finish college. I listen to music when I do just about anything, binge-watching TV shows gives me a lot of joy and I love reading historical biographies. I love dogs more than people and I hope to travel all over the world someday. Also, I talk a lot. I am very excited to be a mentor and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Aditya Hariharan

Gabriel Yeung

Hey Guys, my name is Aditya. I am a sophomore Math-Econ major originally from Chennai, India although I have lived most of my in Singapore and Mumbai. When I’m not working I spend most of my time working as a lead caller in the Annual Fund phonathon division, playing video games, watching anime, watching basketball, and generally goofing around with my friends. I am excited to meet all of you!

Ashley San Miguel


Hi guys! My name is Ashley San Miguel and I’m a sophomore Political Science major. Home is funky for me as I was born in Sugar Hill, Georgia but my family is from Lima, Peru. I consider both places home, though sometimes there’s an internal tension. I spend most of my down time with my friends or reading and watching sad books, tv shows, or movies. I work at the Conference and Event Planning Center at Reed and am extremely excited to also be an InterConnect Mentor. Two promises about myself are that if the sun is out, I’ll be on the lawn and if there’s a dog around I’ll try my best to pet it. 

Erika Enge

Erika Enge

Hi! I'm Erika, a senior and English major especially interested in creative writing, linguistics, and translation studies, who came to Reed from Vienna, Austria. (Legally, I'm German and US-American, but Vienna, where I grew up, is home for me!) In my free time I like to watch dubbed TV shows with the subtitles on so I can see how the translation used for the audio and the translation used for the subtitles are different, and then muse about why this might be (...really, this is just an excuse for me to binge-watch TV shows and feel a little less guilty about it). I also enjoy napping (a lot) and trying new foods--one thing I love about Portland is how many great food carts there are! As a mentor, I'm excited have an excuse to revisit favorites and try out new ones, too. And to meet you all, of course!

Mayaki Saley Thomas Ibn Kimba

Aiman Absar

Hi! My name is Mayaki and I’m a sophomore majoring in Political Science. I grew up around Amsterdam (Netherlands), and because I wanted to see more of the world and get more out of my college experience, I decided to cross the Atlantic for the first time and enroll at Reed. At home, I had a supertiny dog (a miniature dachshund), a bike (which took me everywhere), and a never-ending love of exploring new places. The latter hasn't changed! Luckily, Portland has a lot of really cool and unique neighborhoods to check out. My hobbies include watching movies (especially in all the great movie theaters that Portland has to offer), bookstore browsing, and eating out. Meeting international students at Reed has led to great friendships and perspectives I otherwise would never have encountered. I’m really looking forward to being an InterConnect Mentor next year and meeting you all!

Hayfa Achour

Hayfa Achour

Hi! My name is Hayfa. I am from Tunisia. I am a junior majoring in Political Science. Before coming to Reed, I studied in a pan-African school in South Africa, where I learned to celebrate and appreciate cultures and traditions different from mine. Experiencing the Tunisian revolution of 2011 and the xenophobia wave in South Africa in 2015 made me interested in studying conflict, war, torture and religious and ethnic coalitions. I have been an active member of the international student community at Reed. My participation in the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) was one way to accomplish this. However, being part of the InterConnect Mentor program is also an amazing journey that I am excited to share with you!

Wenxin Du

Ziyuan Zhong

Hello! My name is Wenxin, I am a sophomore majoring in Math-Statistics. I grew up in Ningbo, China, and spent last three years of high school in California. I enjoy traveling, and am always excited to learn new languages and new cultures. I speak Chinese, English, some Japanese and am ready to learn the fourth one. I also enjoy spending my time exploring new songs, learning new recipes, going for a hike in one of the beautiful trails in Portland, or just taking a short nap in a raining afternoon. Reed is great, all professors are wonderful and I’ve learned a lot in my time studying here. I’m really excited to be a mentor and am looking forward to meeting you all!

Shulav Neupane

Melanie Meredith

Hey all! I am Shulav. I’m a sophomore from Nepal and am probably majoring in Math or Math-Economics. I enjoy following football (the actual kind) and love exploring different kinds of music. I’m also very into watching movies, TV shows and pretty much anything that's based on videos. So, if you want to nerd out on Pulp Fiction or talk about why London is blue, I’m your guy. 

I am super excited to meet you all!

Annie Peng


Hello, I’m Annie and I like spiders. I’m a sophomore looking to major in Economics and Mathematics. I grew up in China, went to middle school in Hong Kong, then high school in Palo Alto, CA. I enjoy good food with great friends and going on gray fund trips, which allow me to go on mini-excursions of Portland outdoors. I listen to indie bands and alternative Kpop. I’m also a member of International Student Advisory Board (ISAB), which has allowed me to meet many new friends and share my experiences. Hit me up if you want a place to grab a bite! I look forward to guiding you through your first year of college! 

Liam Kaech

Emmie KingHeyo! My name is Liam Käch. I am from Mexico (mostly...ish), and I am a senior senior Linguistics major. I came to the US three years ago when I decided to come to Reed. I'm always interested in learning something new about other languages... I am also almost always listening to music, so feel free to show me some new stuff! I also love traveling. I look forward to meeting you all!

Monika Anderson

screenshotHello everybody! My name is Monika and I am a sophomore Environmental Studies & Political Science major. I am half Japanese, half American, but grew up abroad my whole life. After being born in Japan, I spent my childhood growing up in Ethiopia, Italy, the Philippines, and finished school in Japan again. My hobbies include traveling, film, photography, and most importantly, eating pickles.  I am so excited to meet all of you!  The international community has been an amazing support system for me.  Feel free to approach me about anything - I am always ready to reach out a helping hand.

Ellen Chen

ellenHey There! My name is Lixuan Chen (陈丽轩), and I've been using the name Ellen for convenience for many years. I'm born and raised in People's Republic of China, and this is my sixth year living in the US. I grew up in big cities (Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Austin), and now I'm enjoying Portland very much. I'm a sophomore, and I want to be a Math-Economics major. A few passions of mine include cooking, hiking, watching movies (all genres, from western to anime), going to bookstores/coffee shops and biking (learned how to last semester). 

 Aiman Absar

aimanHey there! I’m Aiman, a rising junior planning to be a Physics major. I grew up in Bangladesh, and Dhaka has been my home all my life. I enjoy listening to a wide spectrum of music (currently into Classic Rock/ 90s Hip-Hop), playing music, watching soccer, tv buff, an obnoxious amount of gaming, and debating bad ad-hoc hypotheses. I took some time off after high school to start a non-profit, Bhitti, my pride and joy. Reed has been welcoming to me, and the friends I made make it feel a lot like home. I love exploring food carts across Portland, and I look forward to taking y’all to my favorite spots!


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Dana Lawson, Assistant Dean of International Students.

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