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School for Field Studies (Turks and Caicos) 

Through this program, students with an interest in Marine Biology and Environmental Studies may spend a semester learning how to conduct field-research in Southern Caicos. Students will be working with the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) and the National Park Service, researching in (and outside of) thirty-three different Marine Protected Areas, studying ecological habitats, the effects of fishing and tourist presence, biodiversity, and developing important field research skills such as data collection and analysis (as well as snorkeling and SCUBA abilities). Students are able to put these skills to good use, conducting independent sample-directed research. This program balances the biological with the social, focusing heavily upon the economic effects of marine life, studying and evaluating the state of fisheries and tourism. Students will interact with local communities through program-organized service including teaching local youths how to swim, and conducting English lessons. Students will live in the SFC Center for Marine Resource Studies, located next to Cockburn Harbour (pop. 1,100). The Center provides dining quarters, a kitchen, classrooms, a computer lab, and two residence wings where students will have quarters. The Center overlooks the sea, and is fully equipped for marine research. This program is primarily geared towards students studying Biology or Environmental Studies, but students in other disciplines may apply, provided they have taken at least one semester of college-level Ecology or Biology.

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