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Sciences Po Lille

Students studying in Lille through Sciences Po will be working directly through the university, without a liaison program. There is no definite language requirement, but as the vast majority of courses are directed in French (10 in English annually, 4-5 in Spanish and German) a proficiency in the French language is advised. Sciences Po does not have a centralized campus, so students are not directly provided housing or accommodations, and are expected to be sufficiently autonomous to live independently or with a family outside of the university. Unlike many of the other French study-abroad programs open to Reed students, Sciences Po does not allow students to study at multiple universities simultaneously, and cultural immersion is less guided. Studying directly through the university itself, students should be prepared to function in a new culture without as many check-ins or group outings as would be found in a liaison program. Students can choose either a semester of study, or a full year.

Further info can be found at: Science Po-Lille International Student Page

Student Input:

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