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School for Field Studies

This program provides students with the opportunity to spend a semester conducting field research with a primary focus in tropical rainforest biology and environmental studies. Students will perform research alongside professionals, and will gain first-hand, guided experience studying the diverse wildlife of Australia. Sample-directed and basic field research will put biology knowledge to practical use as students contribute to broader networks of study through their work and findings. Not all student work is limited to the realm of the purely scientific however, as the program organizes community service trips and social outings in addition to hosting specialized lecture series and forging connections with local Aboriginal elders. Field research will involve extensive camping and cave and forest exploration. Students will also either be occupied with active rainforest replanting, or land-care site maintenance. Students will have a permanent residence at the Field Studies Base Camp at the edge of the Atherton Tablelands, and will be covered for all room and board through the program fee. This program offers valuable first-hand experience for students interested in scientific research and sustainability, intertwined with a strong social element based on communication and respect. One semester of biology or ecology at a college level is required to qualify for this program.

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