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New York University in Florence

The NYU program in Florence is widely renowned and noted for its academic excellence. Students are given the opportunity to study in either English or Italian based on linguistic proficiency, and are offered an extensive selection of courses covering Italian culture, History, Philosophy, Art and more. This program does not require experience in Italian, but students with a proficiency can apply to take courses directly through the University of Florence. Students are housed in on-campus villas, off-campus residences, and homestays. Food is provided accordingly, with an on campus cafeteria or through a homestay meal plan. The student body count at the university is around 350 in the fall and around 375 in the spring, with 60 professors. Since this is a larger study-abroad program, students should be aware that studying through NYU Florence will not be as intimate of an experience as one might find through a smaller liaison program. Nonetheless, NYU Florence organizes group trips, volunteer work and reliable student support like any other program. A 3.0 GPA or higher is required in order to be eligible for the program.

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