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London Theatre Program

Through this program, students may choose to spend a year or semester studying theatre at the British American Drama Academy (BADA) through Sarah Lawrence College. The London Theatre Program is built out of a a combination of classes, performances, and individual tutorials from faculty chosen from the foremost theatre and dance institutes in Britain. Intense performance training is supplemented with courses on theatre history and criticism, in order to provide students with a rounded educative experience on and off of the stage. The fall semester focuses on more constructive, basic theatrical work and concepts, building the framework for the advanced spring semester program. In order to spend spring semester in this program, students must have completed the fall semester. Single semester engagements are fall only. All students will be housed in fully furnished apartments located 20-30 minutes from Gloucester Gate, and are expected to prepare their own meals. Students will attend professional performances regularly, as well as lectures by guest speakers brought in be the program. Students must audition for this program, either in person, or by videotape submission.

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