International Programs

Fujian Normal University

Students studying in Fuzhou through the Fujian Normal University will take courses alongside Chinese students, and will have full access to all university amenities (library, cafeterias, gymnasium). Since this is a direct university exchange, integration is much less guided, and students must be prepared to confront social and cultural differences, in addition to the university system, on their own. Students will live either in university housing, or independently, and will be provided meals in university cafeterias. This program allows students to focus primarily on heavy linguistic immersion and study. Students should be prepared to take courses primarily in Chinese. Academic and personal autonomy is critical to student success. Students should complete at least two years of college-level Chinese or the equivalent before applying for this program.


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Student Input:

The academics aren't quite at the level of its Beijing counterpart, however the environment is much more conducive to learning Chinese (I was the only westerner at that time). Housing is great (compared to the abomination in Beijing) and cheap. food was also great. Their small kitchen serves up whatever you go in there and ask for (the chefs were friends with everyone, so they put in that extra care which makes food good). No massive cafeterias like Beijing. Remember that the Mandarin spoken is not the common style like what you'll hear in Beijing. nonetheless it far surpasses Beijing in that one interacts with Chinese people much more often. when in Beijing I spoke chinese often, when in Fuzhou I spoke chinese absolutely all the time. Fuzhou is super laid-back, clean and modern (much more modern than Beijing, yet less than shanghai) for those who won't miss the pollution-headaches and black-lung of Beijing. It broadened my learning to include crucial empirical understanding of different cultures.

-Anonymous '01


The quality of the academic classes were rather informal compared to Reed, only morning hours. Teaching was first-rate, the teachers really cared and were always accessible and supportive. It was a nice environment with many students from many different countries so there were many opportunities to become comfortable using the language in social circumstances. It was five people to a room, two doubles and a single plus a living area. The college provided cleaning services, including changing our beds, this was nice but maybe a bit obsessive. We had a communal kitchen and laundry room which were very accessible and usable. Cafeteria food tended to be too expensive and uninteresting, but there were many inexpensive restaurants that were very accessible, good environments. Room is a little expensive and the program is a little confining. We lived in a separate compound and the gates locked at midnight every night. But Fuzhou is a great town because there are few foreigners and studying with mostly Japanese students is a real advantage to the total immersion idea.

-Anonymous '99