International Programs

Lille III (Université Charles de Gaulle)
Through this program, students may choose to spend either a year or semester in France at Lille III (Université Charles de Gaulle). Two primary exchange plans are offered at Lille III, one for experienced French speakers, and another for students seeking linguistic guidance. The former consists of full immersion into the French academic system, taking courses exclusively in French at the university. To qualify for this option students must have completed 4-5 semesters of university-level French or its equivalent prior to inscription. The latter provides students with intensive courses in French in addition to a general curriculum of english-taught courses. Qualification for this option requires a minimum of 3 semesters of university-level French. Students choosing this program will live in single-occupancy rooms in university housing, and will be provided a small stipend for meals. Upon arrival in France, students undergo an expansive 10-day orientation program to assist in immersion and general cultural acclimation. Several excursions within and outside of the city are provided by the university.

Further info can be found at: Lille III-International Student Page

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