Peer Mentor Program

Division of Student Services

The Peer Mentor Program planning committee is comprised of staff and students who are committed to the ongoing development of peer mentors on campus. Feel free to email or call any of us if you have questions about this program. You can also email


Winta Yohannes, '15
PMP Intern

Hi, I’m Winta! I am a transfer Psychology major originally from Eritrea (in East Africa). I have lived in Portland for almost 10 years and absolutely love it! I love watching movies, getting to know people, and discovering as many new places to eat in Portland as possible. I’m really passionate about migrant rights and access to education. I’m also really excited to be working on creating my first documentary this summer. I became involved with PMP because I love to help people get connected in any way I can, so don’t be shy to come say hi!

Gustavo Lopez, '15
PMP Intern


Hi! My name is Gustavo (but you can call me Goose) and I'm a fourth year Bio-Psych major. I'm from Orange County in Southern California and I love going to the beach... on days they have corgi meet-ups. I love corgis probably as much as I am obsessed with the Supernatural TV show, which is a lot. I enjoy hiking through the many trails in the Columbia River Gorge, blasting music and obnoxiously singing along on the drive there, and "oooo" and "aaaaaah"-ing at the amazing sights.

Dayspring Mattole, M.Ed.
Director, Office for Inclusive Community

Jesus Vasquez, B.A.
AmeriCorps VISTA PMP Service Coordinator

Join the Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program begins every August with a pre-orientation Odyssey. Sign up on IRIS! More info about the Odyssey is available here.

Interested in being a PMP Intern on the planning committee? Applications for 2015-16 PMP intern will be available in January 2015!