Peer Mentor Program

Division of Student Services


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Our mission is to support the experience of students from underrepresented communities and encourage the development of spaces for students to engage in conversations about the impact of diverse perspectives on the educational experience at Reed College.


Our vision is of an inclusive community where students thrive and confidently contribute their unique experiences to help create a comfortable social and intellectually productive living and learning environment.


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To affirm the experiences of students of color, first-generation students, and students with disabilities, and to assist all students with adjusting to the nuances of addressing issues of difference on the Reed College campus. The intent is to create a supportive community where students can discuss their experiences, thoughts, and feelings with others in a respectful venue.

To create ongoing, meaningful relationships between and with mentors and peers.

To provide opportunities for participants to engage their mentee-to-mentor relationships and to participate in group activities.

To facilitate the social and academic transitions to campus life, thereby increasing persistence and academic success.

To help participants gain knowledge of campus resources, including academic, social, and health support networks, and opportunities for involvement and leadership.

Guiding principles

We take responsibility to honestly reflect upon our own personal experiences and what they mean.

We respect and honor the uniqueness of each individual.

We are open to new and different experiences.

We endeavor to create a space where all participants feel comfortable expressing themselves emotionally and intellectually.

We will act with empathy in all of our interactions.

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