Peer Mentor Program

Division of Student Services

About the Peer Mentor Program

What is it?

The Peer Mentor Program strives to create spaces, through relationships, programs, and other educational opportunities, for students from a diversity of backgrounds to engage in conversations about the educational experience at Reed. Through pairing incoming students with current Reedies, this program presents an additional opportunity for students to become familiar with the resources on campus and to connect with a supportive and inclusive community. Our hope is that PMP participants will have a reference point for understanding the complexities of being a student from an underrepresented racial/ethnic community at Reed, or being a student who is interested in contributing to making the Reed environment supportive for everyone regardless of race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religious practice. 

Typically students who have participated in this program identify either as being the first in their family to attend college, students of color, and/or students from any background who simply have a desire to engage in conversations about the range of intersections around identity, diversity, and privilege.

How does it work?

Incoming students who are interested in participating should complete the on-line application on IRIS. Find more info about the PMP Odyssey here.

Please note that 4-day Odyssey prior to New Reedie Orientation is strongly encouraged for all students who want to participate in PMP during the year. We match mentors and mentees on the last day of the Odyssey, based on information they share on the registration forms and additional information we gather during the PMP Odyssey.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are returning students who have completed an application and interview process, and demonstrate a commitment to making Reed a comfortable environment for all students. Most often, mentors are former mentees who participated in the program as first year students.

Desired Outcomes

Some of the things we hope mentors and mentees will gain from their experiences:

  • Provide opportunities for students to address the range of diverse identities, perspectives and experiences that impact their learning experience at Reed.
  • Offer a space for students to address their transition to the Reed culture.
  • Create a space where students feel comfortable expressing themselves intellectually and emotionally.
  • Support the development of ongoing, meaningful relationships.