Peer Mentor Program

Division of Student Services

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PMP Mentors

Who are mentors? Mentors are students from a cross-section of the campus, who have devised strategies to navigate the social and academic atmosphere of Reed, and are willing to share their insights. Mentors are not perfect by any means; we encourage those who have experienced struggles at Reed and have learned--or are learning--from them to apply. Mentors participate in the PMP Odyssey, maintain regular contact with their mentees, and receive on-going training and support from staff in the Office for Inclusive Community. 

Meet a few of our outstanding mentors!


Ashlee Fox, '19

Osiyo, nigadv! I’m Ashlee Fox and I’m a Cherokee Nation citizen from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I’m a sophomore economics major. I started American Indians at Reed during my freshman year and I’m passionate about getting involved in the community. During the summer of 2016, I’m working on an economic development, public policy, and urban planning project as an intern at the City of Milwaukie, funded by Reed’s Evan Rose Fund fellowship. I work as a Strategic Partnerships and Employer Relations Intern at the Center for Life Beyond Reed during the academic year, so I love to talk about fellowships, careers, and internships. I’m always happy to chat about volunteering, academic challenges, your favorite iced tea, or anything else that keeps you awake at night.


Izzie Kreth, '17

Hello everyone, I’m Izzie; your local genderqueer (ze/zem/zirs), queer, off-campus livin', tattooed, fat person, and Spring/Fall psych major. I am very passionate about discussing the intersectional nature of our identities, and how we can be cognizant of the different experiences each one of us brings to a group. I grew up in rural Oregon in a white middle class family. After I moved out when I was 18, I attended U of O for a half a year before transferring to Reed Fall 2014. By that time I had lived on my own for over a year, and was nervous about the transition to dorm life. My first year here was rough, and it would have been more difficult without the support of services like PMP. My hobbies now include watching bad reality tv, playing with my cat Madam Ambassador, and having quiet study time in local tea shops. When I’m all grown up, I want to be a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and serve youth in crisis periods.


Karla Velarde, '17

Hey there, I'm Karla! Im a senior biology major with a focus in pre-medicine. I currently call Sacramento, California my home but I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I like sharing medical facts with anyone and everyone, so if youre the type of person who doesn't mind talking about bodily fluids feel free to strike up the conversation. Im really passionate about medicine and equal access to health care. I became involved with PMP because I love being part of such a loving and welcoming community. See you around!


Nico Villarreal, '17

Hey, I'm Nico, a senior from Dallas, TX, and one of the PMP mentors this year. I'm the second son of a single-parent Hispanic home of 5, and my favorite thing is music: listening to it, making it, finding new music - love it all, so if you have any good songs, tell me; I'd love to hear it. I know my way around the tutoring center and around Reed's different offices - from financial aid to the president's office, so if you need any help with that, feel free to contact me. I would love to help, because I know going through all that my first year was terrifying by myself. And if I don't know the answer to your question then I'll probably know where to go so we can find it. Can't wait to meet all you guys, and this is going to be an amazing year!