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History of Inclusive Community

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The Office for Inclusive Community at Reed reflects the development of an infrastructure that constantly shifts to the needs of students, faculty, and staff. The office seeks to sustain an institutional commitment to creating a campus community that is informed and supportive about issues of difference, and can appreciate the complexity of intellectual inquiry from diverse perspectives.

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC), created by a group of students in 1993, has served as an umbrella organization for cultural and politically based student organizations. Subsequently, the students involved in the MRC acquired a formal space on campus where all students could access materials dedicated to addressing multiple issues of identity, culture, and oppression. The MRC initially was operated entirely by students. In fall 2002, the college hired a part-time MRC director who was also responsible for multicultural recruitment in the admission office.

The part-time director status changed in 2004 with the support of students, faculty, and trustees, when the college created an assistant dean of multicultural affairs position. During summer 2005, the first full-time position was filled to initiate the process of building a collaborative institutional infrastructure for developing co-educational programs for the campus community, and support systems for students, staff, and faculty from underrepresented communities. The work of the Office for Inclusive Community and its programs continues to evolve and adjust to the rapidly changing needs of the campus.

A Statement from President Kroger on Racism

Contact the Office for Inclusive Community

Dayspring Mattole
Assistant Dean for Inclusive Community
Student Center 110

Ruby White
Multicultural Resource Center Program Manager
Student Center 101

Tara Sonali Miller
SEEDS Community Engagement Program Manager
Student Center 112

MRC and PMP student staff
Student Center 207
Refer to bulletin boards in the Gray Campus Center and Student Center for individual staff office hours and contact information.