Human Resources

Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

II. Hiring a new employee

B. Position analysis

When a position becomes vacant, the supervisor has an opportunity to rethink the role and goal of the position, and the type of background and experience most important to success in the position. 

Some examples of questions to consider in this analysis:

  • What would happen if this position were not filled or the job performed?  Is there something to be gained by transferring essential functions of the job to other positions or offices?
  • Are there developments within the position's area of responsibility that prompt different ways of thinking about the position?
  • Where does the position fit within the overall organizational structure?
  • What can be learned from the past five years' experience with this position? 
  • What accounts for the current vacancy?
  • What kind of background and experience is the best fit with the essential functions of the position?
  • What have superior employees in this position done that those less successful did not do?
  • What are some examples of things done in this job that were very effective; not very effective?
  • What are the most immediate priorities, long-range plans, etc.?
  • What issues about this job are the most important to higher levels of management?
  • In what areas would you be willing to provide training or additional instruction, and in what areas must the person hired be thoroughly knowledgeable and already trained?
  • Are there special demands or characteristics of this job that need to be made clear to the applicants, such as rotating shift work, strenuous physical demands, extensive travel?

Review the classification description, the position description, and the assigned grade to ensure they are up-to-date and accurate.  If modifications are necessary, prepare a revised position description, refer it to the appropriate vice president for approval, and forward the revised description to Human Resources for classification and grade allocation.

For the creation of a new position, refer to Section VI, Classification and Compensation, Salary Administration Plan in the Staff Policies and Procedures manual.

For all newly created positions a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) will need to be completed and submitted to the Human Resources department for review and range placement before the position can be posted.

last revised: 2/17/2012

last reviewed: 2/17/2012

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