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Supervisor Policies and Procedures Manual

X. Data security

A. Data security

Although the protection of confidential college data is expected of all Reed employees, it is the responsibility of supervisors to take reasonable steps to ensure that data security procedures are followed by their staff.  Protection of computers and computer-based materials is especially important since such materials are prime targets for hackers, identity thieves, and others.

Unauthorized access to confidential college data can expose affected individuals –– as well as the college –– to serious financial and legal consequences.  Should data be compromised as a result of supervisory or staff negligence, the impact on the college could be even greater. 

A printed security brochure is available for supervisors to distribute to their staff and student employees. Detailed guidelines for data security are available on the Reed web site at:

Administrative Computing Services (ACS) performs periodic data security assessments of administrative offices and will provide data security training, documentation, and other assistance to supervisors upon request.  Please contact ACS at ext. 7600 if you have questions about security procedures or training.

If you believe that electronic security has been breached, that confidential materials have been compromised, or that computer equipment has been stolen, please contact the Chief Technology Officer immediately at ext. 7254 (503-777-7254).  In the case of computer theft, the Director of Community Safety should also be contacted at ext. 7379 (503-777-7379).

last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/23/2012

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