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The program

The college has created an endowed fund to be used for staff development opportunities. It is not the intent of this program to replace or duplicate funds already available in existing office budgets for sending staff to conferences and other workshops. It is intended to provide an opportunity for staff to participate in programs that provide an extraordinary learning experience and will be of direct benefit to both the college and the employee.

Normally it will be given to staff who participate in a workshop, institute, or course(s) which provides knowledge and skills in an area in which the college would like to initiate new programs or make major improvements or changes in existing ones.

Staff members will be nominated for grants by their immediate supervisor. Staff who wish to apply for such a staff development opportunity should make the request to their immediate supervisor, realizing that a request does not guarantee approval. The request must be submitted in writing on the Staff Professional Development Nomination Form available online and in Human Resources.

If the immediate supervisor approves the request, it is forwarded to the Vice President, Dean of the Faculty or President as appropriate. Nominations will be considered on an academic year basis. Therefore, the nomination forms must be completed by no later than June 30th of any given year. Nominations may also be considered during the academic year if the available funds have not been completely expended at the beginning of the academic year.

The Vice Presidents and Dean of the Faculty will together review the nominations and decide which grant(s) will be funded by no later than August 15th. The nominee and immediate supervisor will be notified of the results including a brief explanation in the case of a nomination that is denied. The request and results will be included in the nominee's personnel file.

last revised: 2/13/2012

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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