Human Resources

Staff Policies

B. Award Programs

1. Excellence awards

This award acknowledges one or two staff members who have made an outstanding contribution to the college through individual effort and achievement. Recipients will be announced at the annual staff awards luncheon in the spring.  Awardees will receive a certificate and a $1,000 cash award. In addition, the recipient's name is included on a plaque which remains on display at the college.

All staff are eligible for nomination, with the exception of the President's senior staff and past years’ recipients. Award winners must be actively employed by the college as of the date the award is to be given. Any member of the Reed community may nominate a staff member for the award.  The nomination form is available online at the human resources website.

The nomination form must be submitted to the nominee's immediate supervisor. The supervisor will review the nomination form and determine if it will be forwarded to the excellence award committee for consideration, via human resources.  Employees who are not in good standing are ineligible to receive the award.  Supervisors who nominate their direct reports are to send the nomination directly to human resources.

Each spring, the President will appoint staff and faculty to serve on the excellence award committee. Their charge is to review the nominations and recommend to the president the names and achievements of those who should receive the award. The president will make the final decision as to award recipients.  The awardee's name/s will be kept confidential until the president announces them at the annual staff luncheon.

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