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XIV. Separation from Employment

F. Reduction in staff


Reed College is committed to designing and planning for a stable work environment and workforce.  However, it may become necessary at certain times to eliminate positions due to reorganization, lack of available work or funds, or any other circumstances.  Reed College reserves the right to make such determinations at its sole discretion under the terms described in the Staff Policies and Procedures Manual and to alter or modify these guidelines at any time.

Elimination of positions

When a position is eliminated, the incumbent occupying the position will be terminated.

Consolidation of positions

When existing positions are combined or consolidated, the resulting new position will be offered to the incumbent who has the best overall qualifications to be retained as determined by Reed College.  Qualifications will include skills, knowledge, experience, education, aptitude, and personal attributes which are job related.

In the rare event the incumbents are equally qualified as determined by Reed College, length of time in their current positions will be considered in making the final determination.  The remaining incumbent(s) will be placed on permanent layoff.

Creation of new positions

When a new position is created at the same time that positions are eliminated, Reed College will first consider those individuals whose positions are being eliminated before beginning an open recruitment for the newly created position. 

Return to work

Although there are no bumping or recall provisions, employees on permanent layoff are encouraged to apply for positions as new hires when such positions are opened for recruitment.


Benefits such as vacation, health insurance, etc. will be handled as specified in the appropriate policy for that benefit.

Personal Loans

Arrangements must be made with the Business Office for continued payment of any personal loans that were being paid by payroll deduction. 

Severance pay for a reduction in force

In the college's sole discretion, employees whose employment has been terminated due to a reduction in force may be paid severance pay normally in accordance with the following formula: 

  • for each year of the employee's most recent period of continuous regular full-time or regular part-time employment with Reed College, the employee will receive one week of severance pay based upon the employee’s regular rate of pay;
  • this severance pay calculation will be pro-rated for a partial year of regular service, pro-rated to the nearest month; and
  • under no circumstances will the severance pay award exceed six (6) months of pay.

last revised: 2/13/2012

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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