Human Resources

Staff Policies

C. Payroll Information

6. Pay periods and paydays for bargaining unit employees and student employees

The pay week for overtime purposes is Monday through Sunday.  The work period is bi-weekly.  A payroll schedule can be found at:

All employees must submit their time worked in GPS WTE for approval by the established deadline.  Electronic timesheets must be approved by the established deadline. 

Paychecks for bargaining unit employees are available at the cashier's window on the designated payday or may be directly deposited to an authorized bank, savings and loan, or credit union account.   Paychecks for student employees are delivered to their Reed mail box.  Employees may also make arrangements with the Payroll Office to have their paycheck mailed directly to their home.  For all employees who are using direct deposit, paystubs are available in GPS Self Service.

last revised: 3/15/2013

last reviewed: 3/15/2013

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