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C. Payroll Information

10. Final wages

If an employee quits with less than 48 hours notice, excluding weekends and holidays, the paycheck is due within five days, excluding weekends and holidays, or on the next regular payday, whichever comes first.

If an employee quits with notice of at least 48 hours, the final check is due on the final day worked, unless the last day falls on a weekend or holiday. In that case, the check is due on the next business day.

If an employee is discharged, the final paycheck is due no later than the end of the next business day.

When an employer and employee mutually agree to terminate the relationship, the check is due by the end of the following business day, as in the case of discharge.

An employee separating from the college and who has a personal loan or otherwise owes money to the college must make arrangements for final payment with the Business Office prior to the separation date.

last revised: 3/15/2013

last reviewed: 3/15/2013

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